Child Resistant Ziplock Pouch Child Resistant Pouch with a Child Proof Locking System Made in China

China, Zhejiang,Hangzhou
Minimum Order
10000 pcs
Cardboard Cartons + Pallets
20 Days
Product Description
Child resistant ziplock pouch child resistant pouch. We have different designs in various sizes.

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Item No.: GFP-001

Dimensions: 5"x7", 6"x9", 8"x9", 8"x10", 9"x12"

Material: NY+AL+PE

Thicknes: 80 microns, 100microns, 150 microns

Printing: 0~8 colors
Product Feature
Child Proof + Reclosable + Reusable
Product Specification / Models
Application / Models
Evolking Child Proof Bag packaging Co., Ltd is the overseas marketing branch company of Hangzhou Golden Flame Packaging & Multi-Color Printing Co., Ltd, who is mainly engaged in manufacturing plastic packaging bags and multi-color printed film rolls. Own new factory was founded in Yaobei Village, Pingyao Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City. Now, our company has the total registered capital of RMB1.5 million (USD240, 000), with total investment of RMB15 million (USD2500, 000), and our annual production value has reached RMB30 million (USD4.8 million).

Our company is a professional manufacturer of child proof bags. And our child proof bags are not only plastic bags or plastic pouches, but also hand bags, back bags, as well as all kinds of zipper bags. Some where and some time, the products are called as child proof bag, child proof pouch, child resistant bag, child resistant pouch, baby proof bag, baby proof pouch, baby resitant bag, baby resistant pouch.

Our factory covers 3, 200 square meters, and 70 workers have formed eight production lines, and one manual work line, with collection of plastic film inflation, multi-color printing, compounding and bag producing as a whole. Our main equipment is 4 inflation film manufacturing machines, 1 high speed fully-computerized eight-color intaglio-printing machine, 2 six-color intaglio-printing machines, 1 three-color intaglio-printing machine, 1 four-color relief-printing machine, 1 high speed compounding machine, 2 high speed computerized composite bag making machines, 5 heat-sealing & heat-cutting bag making machines, 4 bottom-sealing bag making machines, inserting machines, edge-folding machines, dividing and cutting machines, etc. Our equipment is complete for the production line from material particle to finished plastic bag forming, with monthly production of 100 tons up to 300 tons.

Our company holds the belief of "Customers are above all principles; Quality makes an enterprise's live". We are expecting your kind attention!

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Child Resistant Ziplock Bag Child Resistant Bag with A Child-Proof Locking System Made in China

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