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Product Description
Technical grade cholesterol.Content:above 98%

Application:Used for liquid crystal display production.

Pharmaceutical grade cholesterol.Content:above 95%,

Application:Main material for Vitamin D3 and artificial bezoar,also used in cosmetic product

Feed grade cholesterol.content above 90%,

Application:Used as feed additive,special used for aquaculture feed additive, promote the shrimp molt and growth.
Product Feature
It is extracted from animal organs. It is calculated as dry goods including no less than 95.0% cholesterol

Application: it is one of the raw material of artificial bezoar and also the primary raw material to synthesize vitamin D2 and D3. It is also a good surface active agent for pharmaceutical preparation and the raw material for cosmetics.
Product Specification / Models
cholesterol from Ox/Pig/Sheep brain,5-Cholesten-3beta-ol; Cholesterol, NF;



Molecular formula:C27H46O

Molecularu00a0 weight:386.6535
Application / Models

Chemical properties:white or light yellow crystal or crystalline powder, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, petroleum ether.

Main function:The main raw material of vitamin D3. It also can be used to synthesize artificial bezoar; also can be used for aquaculture feed additive, promote the shrimp molt and growth ,used in cosmetics can play a moisturizing effect.
Other Information
Feed grade cholesterol

"Feed grade cholesterol" refers to the cholesterol content in 90% or more of the cholesterol can be referred to as the "feed level of cholesterol". Common cholesterol feed grade is a white, white crystal or crystalline powder. Cholest 5 ene 3 beta - alcohol is the alias of cholesterol, so sometimes we can also directly referred to cholesterol as "cholest 5 ene 3 beta - alcohol". Cholesterol feed grade can be used for animal feed additives production and fish and shrimp farming. Cholesterol by cattle, sheep, pig's brain was extracted and processed.

Physical properties: light yellow, white, white crystalline or crystalline powder

Melting point: more than 140 DEG C

Level: Feed Grade

Content: 90%

Use: Feed Grade cholesterol is suitable for animal, poultry and aquaculture feed additives, especially suitable for shrimp and shellfish aquaculture feed additive.

Features: good emulsifying effect, less amount of added, insoluble in water, soluble in hot ethanol.

Nutrition mechanism:

1 the formation of bile acid, added to the bile consumption of the fat decomposition process, improve the absorption of various animals to feed energy and fat soluble vitamins.

2 to promote the body to maintain normal cell function, improve the growth performance of animal pups.

3. To maintain the normal metabolism of animals, anti-aging Fangshuai, accelerate the growth process of animal larvae, improve broiler weight gain and meat production, promote egg and poultry egg weight was increased.

4 to promote the growth of aquatic animal, improve fat utilization, especially to promote and accelerate the softening of crustaceans crustaceans shell.

Add standard: about 200-300 grams per ton of feed

Shrimps and crabs only has very limited cholesterol synthesis ability, and cholesterol as well as biological membrane lipids of and steroid hormones such as the precursor of ecdysone, if there is a lack of cholesterol in feed, also will affect the shrimp and crab growth and molting.

Feed in addition of cholesterol significantly promote the growth and improve the effect of the survival rate for Chinese shrimp, cholesterol is the nutrient of shrimp feed must be added, according to the test of shrimp growth, survival and the content of cholesterol in muscle, supplementation of 0.5% cholesterol can meet the nutritional needs of shrimp. Also China shrimp essential phospholipids nutrition, feed phospholipids in addition can improve the survival rate of shrimp, increase the content of cholesterol in the muscle, adding cholesterol diet can promote the growth and quality of crab shell body, improve the utilization rate of feed. When adding 0.5% cholesterol levels, crab growth rate, was significantly higher than the other added level using the molt rate and feed. This shows that the three crab on demand for 0.5%. for cholesterol cholesterol is necessary for animal carapace, cholesterol as sex hormone, adrenal cortex Hormone, bile acid, and vitamin D precursor, with important physiological function, endocrine and reproduction are very important to maintain the normal crustacean growth, which may be of crustaceans animal fat nutrition most unique a hand, and crustaceans itself is unable to synthesize cholesterol must rely on the exogenous supply of feed.

Cholesterol and phospholipids are nutrients of shrimp must, effectively promote the growth, metamorphosis and survival.

Cholesterol is the main sterol of shrimp, accounted for about 90%, synthesis of vitamin D and steroid hormones such as brain hormone, molting hormone, sex hormone precursor. Young shrimp cholesterol to the appropriate dose is about 0.5% of the feed. Experts believe that should use pure cholesterol for shrimp feed directly add.
Our production management is strictly conducted by the requirement of GMP of China,ISO9001-2008, and all of our products could meet the requirements of international standards.In 2013, products including cholesterol, bilirubin, cholic acid,ox bile powder, hyodeoxycholic acid and pig bile powder passed the certification of China GMP

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