Chromatography (GC9800)

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Product Description
Carry out the quantitative analysis and peculiar smell testing for residual solvent on food packaging cases after printing.

Test the pureness and quality of organic solvents.

Note: The computer is an optional part.

Product Feature
Economical, practical and with high price-performance ratio.

The design of the cellular integral structure is convenient for installation.

It can be connected to the chromatogram data work station so as to greatly improve the working efficiency.

It has eight-step temperature rise.

The configuration can be made as per your requirements and five kinds of detectors can be chosen and used according to the analytic requirements.

Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID) u2013 for organic compounds with high sensitivity

Thermal conductivity detector (TCD) u2013 used to analyze permanent gas, water and low-carbon mix.

Flame photometric detector (NPD) u2013 applicable for analysis of pesticide residue, sulphur and phosphorous.

Electron capture detector (ECD) u2013 applicable for analysis of pesticides and chlorine solvent.

Nitrogen and phosphorous detector (NPD) u2013 applicable for the detection of trace amount of nitrogen and phosphorous

With the flexible design of the packed column and capillary column injection ports.

Packed column and capillary column sample injectors can be selected as per actual situations.

Wide column box (300u00d7300u00d7200mm)

In order to meet complicated analytic task, it makes use of various chromatographic columns so as to offer convenience and widen the range of the analytic samples.

The advanced noise suppression system can fully eliminate the fan noise under the chromatogram working state, so as to provide you a comfortable and quiet working atmosphere.

The sampling device is completely vitrified with two modes of rapid vaporizing and column sample injection.

Bran-new pressure stabilization and various air circuit system

The air circuit has three different kinds of forms: Single, double and triple. It can match six-way valve, blow back, and precut equipment and so on according to the usersu2019 demands. It adopts new type pressure regulation system to ensure the re-productivity of equipment.

Reforming furnace can be equipped to implement microanalysis of CO and CO2.

Cracking furnace can be equipped to do double eight-step temperature rise with microcomputer control, man-machine conversation and simple application.

Advanced temperature control system

Adopt microcomputer control and man-machine conversation to indicate various needed temperatures of the temperature column box.

Column box temperature control scope: (room temperature +10u00b0C) - 400u00b0C, eight-step temperature rise.

The speed is 0 - 30u00b0C/min (increase 0.1u00b0C/min), and the temperature control precision is 0.1%.

The control point number is eight points of A type with control scope (room temperature +10u00b0C) - 400u00b0C.

Overheat protection function

It can freely set temperature within 400u00b0C with software program protection, and the hardwired connection adopts dual fail-safe design.

Product Specification / Models
tThermal conductivity detector (TCD)tHydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)tElectron capture detector (ECD)tFlame-photometric detector (FPD)tNitrogen and phosphorous detector (NPD)

SensitivitytS≥ (benzene)tM≤1u00d710-11/sectM≤2u00d710-13g/ml (r-666)tMs≤5u00d710-11g/sec (thiophene)

Mp≤1u00d710-11g/sec (1605)tMn:1u00d710-13g/sec



Other Information
It adopts chromatogram data workstation, can handle with single, double and quaternary passages with multifunctional methods and can handle inter-channel conjunctions. The analysis data can be stored in mass, and special analysis methods were provided.
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