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Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Poles is a new type of product with our patented technology. Its basic material is a kind of UHPC material which has ultra-high strength, high durability and good volume stability, and its reinforcing bars adopt accurate positioning and anti-cracking process configuration. Original processing technology not only ensures excellent mechanical properties of the pole, but also ensures good durability. In addition, its abilities of corrosion resistance, cavitation resistance and abrasion resistance are much better than those of traditional steel pole, tower and concrete pole (cement pole). With the same bending strength, UHPC pole weighs only about half of the traditional concrete pole, so it can save a lot of transportation and installation costs. When UHPC pole's size is the same as the traditional concrete pole (cement pole), its carrying capacity can be improved two to three times. It can be used as angle poles without staying wire and strain power poles. UHPC pole can replace the steel pole with the same size and the same strength, which costs only about 60% of the galvanized steel pole. In addition, it has more excellent saline-alkali corrosion resistance ability compared to tower and steel pole, so it can be used in the environment for long time with no special treatment. Especially it is suitable for using in the environment which has special anti-corrosion demand on galvanized tower, such as the coastal areas, inland saline soil, road with salt high concentration areas, industrial zones and acid rain areas, etc. As a result, it can effectively prolong the service life of the tower or pole and be a maintenance-free or low-maintenance structure. Therefore it can more effectively ensure the safe operation of transmission lines. Making the product can also reduce material consumption greatly, save resources, reduce the energy consumption of production, transportation and construction. In addition, it is beneficial to protect the environment. UHPC pole, replacing the traditional steel pole, tower and concrete pole (cement pole), will obtain obvious economic and social benefits. Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Pole can be used in many fields as the upgrading of traditional products. Commonly used pole is divided into light pole and super-high strength pole. The former can be used to replace wood and concrete poles, while the latter can be used to replace steel pole and tower. In addition, we can make poles of which outer diameter is very thin and the surface is smooth. This kind of poles can be applied to many fields such as the light poles, the traffic sign poles, etc.
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UHPC pole can extend its service life
The anti-corrosion performance of traditional concrete pole, steel pole and tower is poor in the corrosion environments, containing acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents, etc., and their maintenance cost is high and the service life is short. While UHPC materials have higher density, so it has lower permeability, better corrosion resistance and anti-freeze-thaw destructive ability in alpine areas. As a result, they are applied in many fields in Europe, USA and Japan in severe corrosive environments, and environments which require long service time, such as being used as anti-corrosive layer of steel pipe pile. The experiments in seawater immersion show UHPC have strong corrosion resistant ability: the surface of the steel pipe pile tested still has a metallic luster without corrosion. They are also applied in some environments that ordinary concrete can not meet the requirements, such as tunnel lining for undersea gas pipeline, supporting for submarine nuclear waste repository, sealing for offshore oil platform post-tensioned pre-stressed pipe hole and repairing for concrete under pier seawater corrosion parts. The antiseptic effect is very obvious. Therefore, this product is particularly suitable for some special anti-corrosion environments demanded in the traditional concrete poles, steel poles and towers, such as saline beach, coastal areas, inland saline soil, both sides of the road with snowmelt agent and industrial and acid rain-prone areas etc., so it can effectively improve the reliability and durability of the pole and tower. In addition, the compressive strength of the basic material is as high as the compressive strength of ordinary rock, so it has strong anti-cavitation and anti-abrasion capabilities to be used for a long time in the above environment. It is a maintenance-free or low-maintenance structure, and it can further extend the service life and effectively protect the line safety and lower line maintenance costs.
The predecessor of Anshan Yuanda Power Grid Engineering Co. is Anshan Steel Tower R&D Center. For many years we have been committed to research and development of low-cost and high-performance poles and tower products. By absorbing advanced technology from foreign countries and continuous improvement and testing, we have obtained a major break-through in improving the performance of new materials and improving molding process. At the same time, we successively developed composite poles and towers, cement-based composite material poles, ultra high performance concrete(UHPC) poles and other products. They are upgrade products with high quality and low cost compared to traditional products, such as concrete poles, steel poles, towers etc. Until now, our company has won more than 10 patents. We can have effective protection for new products in structural form, production processing and product equipment, so it can ensure us the leading position in the relative technology.

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