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Cupping therapy is a traditional therapeutic method with a history of over two thousand and three hundred years in China. There was a well-know saying:"Once cupping is done, illness is half cured". However, in general, the former cupping tools were made of horns, bamboos, pottery, glass and plastic materials. Owning to the hardness of these materials, there are less parts of the body that can be applied. Besides, with the firing method, fire and burns happen frequently.

Based on the traditional cupping therapy, Green Island International TCM Group Limited uses new materials and modern technologies and presents a new kind of cupping tool- The High Transparent Silicone Cupping Jar. The emergence of this cupping product gives rise to a significant transform of cupping field.

The Silicone Cupping Jar is made of high transparent food-grade silicone. This kind of jar is safer and more hygienic, It is characterized by having good resistance to acids, alkalis, high&low temperatures. It is easy to clean and has anti-aging property. Thanks to its high transparency quality, the skin changes can be observed clearly.

When pressed, the jar changes its shape, when the pressure is released, the deformed jar will regain its normal shape and leads to a negative pressure in the jar. There are many more parts of the body can be applied. It's much easy to use and master. In comparison with the traditional jar, its advantages are as follows:

A,No lighting a fire, thus no scalding.

B,Its suction force is strong and can be adjusted easily. The suction force changes gently and will not lead to skin damage.

C,The shape of the jar mouth can be changed, therefore, the jar can be applied on the body with a wider range, even the surface is uneven. For example, elbow, knee, dorsa of hands and spine portions are all suitable places for cupping with the Elastic Cupping Jar.

D,No limitation on body posture, the jars can be applied while the patient is lying, sitting, standing, even walking.

E,The manipulation is simple and the cooperation with other therapies is easier, especially for twinkling cupping, running cupping and medicated cupping.

F,Easy to carry.

G,It's a necessity tool for unique"Moving Cupping Therapeutic Method". The moving jar technique by pushing or pulling after the jar is sucked on skin, enlarges the receiving area of cupping and will achieve more rapid effect than the scrapping therapeutic method.


It can be used by hospitals and clinics but there are abundant uses at home and when travelling as well. Proven by clinical research by the Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, it has curative effects on many kinds of ordinary disease. As a kind of handy and effective appliance for familiy healthcare, it was highly appraised by the former Chairmen of World Union of Acupuncture&Moxibution, the vice-president of China Association of Acupuncture & Moxibution, professor Xuetai Wang and the vice-president of China Association of Acupuncture & Moxibution, professor Xinnong Cheng. It was also recommended specially by China Association of Chinese Medicine: Whether at home or on trips, the Elastic Cupping Jar is a kind of valuable and effective healthcare aid.

The patent inventor of Silicone Cupping Jar, professor Yuan Bing calls your attention:

For your health benefit, please identity the trademark"Green Island" when purchasing.
Product Feature
Indication: common cold with fever, abdominal pain and distention, diarrhea and dysentery, hypertension, insomia,stomach-ache and vomiting, cough and asthma, headache, stiff nece, periarthritis of shoulder, costal chondritis, cervical spondylopathy, piriformis sydrome, rheumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibrositis of neck-shoulder, external humeral epicondylitis, dysmenorrhea, sciatica, furuncle, carbuncle and phlegmon(cellulitis), eczema, urticaria, mosquito-bite, insect-bite and snake-bite, soft tissue injury and so on.
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Brand Name: Green Island Place of Origin:China Model Number: LDG4-A

Material:100% Food-Grade silicone material

Color: Blue tranparent

Specifications: 4pcs/Set(6.6CM cup, 5.0CM cup, 3.9CM cup, 3.0CM cup).

Net Weight Per Set: 0.28KG.
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The patent inventor of Silicone Cupping Jar, professor Yuan Bing calls your attention:

For your health benefit, please identity the trademark"Green Island" when purchasing.

Other Information
Properties: Chinese Medicine Apparatus Type: Cupping Cup Brand Name: Green Island Model Number: LDG4-B Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Color: Blue Transparency: High transparent Net weight: 0.28KG/Set, 4 Cups/Set Sizes: 6.6CM, 5.0CM,3.9CM,3.0CM Material: Food-Grade Silicone
Green Island International TCM Group Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2006. Our scope of business covers proprietary Chinese medicine, functional food and healthcare products covering the fields of research, manufacture, marketing and medical services.

Our production base is located at the foot of Mountain Changbai with beautiful scenery. Relying on rich local Chinese herbal medicine resources of the mountain, we specialize in plant extracts, manufacturing proprietary Chinese medicine and functional food. Our base passed GMP certification in May 2006.
our produces series of Chinese medicine extracts and superfine powder. Some of them such as phellinus linteus extract, chaga extract, ganoderma extract and ganoderma shell-cracked spore powder are known internationally for their remarkable quality. Supported by Hong Kong Modern Chinese Medicine R&D Center, a series of effective proprietary Chinese Medicine for difficult and complicated diseases have been developed: benign and malignant tumors, hepatopathy, gynecological tumor, mammary gland hyperplasia, arthritis and virus flu.

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