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Q: What are SmileCorrect Clip-On Veneers made from?
A: All SmileCorrect veneers are made from safe, bio-compatible materials, Origin from Germany, perfect for cosmetic dental products.
Q: Why Order Veneers Online?
A: Perfect if you are dental phobic Great way to see if you suit porcelain veneers without the price tag No pain No needles No drilling 70% off by cutting out the HUGE dental fees No dentist visit No brackets/ wires No orthodontist visits, you don't have time for that! No down time Ready in 14 working days Finance available. 3 easy steps Quick & simple 100% safe as stated by the General Dental Council
Q: Am I suitable?
A: SmileCorrect veneers are suitable for covering:  overcrowding gaps missing teeth chipped teeth discoloured teeth crooked teeth nature teeth If you are still unsure if this is suitable for you please email a photo and we will be happy to assist you further.
Q: Do I need to visit a dentist to make SmileCorrect veneera for me?
A: No, SmileCorrect Company sends you an impression Kit and detailed instructions of how you could take a perfect impression of your teeth at home with no dentist visit at all.
Q: Can I use my veneer for drinking?
A: Yes, but it's preferred to drink cold and warm drinks only. It's strongly advised to avoid hot drinks.
Q: Would the SmileCorrect veneers get discolored from wearing or drinking by time?
A: No, in condition that you wash it with the provided soft brush, soap and Cleaning tablets provided at the end of every day.
Q: What is the expected lifetime of SmileCorrect veneers?
A: It's different from 1 to 5 years depending on how long the veneers is used and the biting forces applied to it.
Q: Do I have to store my veneers in water or a liquid like ordinary Dentures?
A: No, but it is very important to store it in the provided protective box while you are not using the veneers.
Q: Will SmileCorrect Clip On Veneers Stain?
A: Our clip on veneers do not stain easily but just like your natural teeth, certain products such as coffee, wine or soda can cause staining.
Q: How long does it take to make?
A: We do try and make sure your new smile is with you within 10working days! But please be aware remakes & adjustments are a normal part of the smile design process.
Q: How does the process work?
A: A self impression kit will be posted to you from the lab, you will receive 2 trays, putty and instructions in the post. Simply bite the putty and post your impression back and your veneers will be made. Once the lab receive your impression, the veneer production process takes around 10 working days.
Q: How do I clean my veneers?
A: Veneers can be cleaned with toothpaste and a toothbrush, ensuring you rinse well before and after each use. Do not use hot or boiling water as this will damage the product.
Q: Is there a minimum amount of teeth needed?
A: Please email us a picture of your teeth for us to examine and suggest if the veneers are suitable for your needs. We will respond to your questions. We usually require at least 6 teeth to be present.
Q: Can they be worn over a crown/bridge/veneers/plates/dentures?
A: Yes they can be worn over existing crowns, bridges and veneers! It is worn instead of a plate or denture making it a much comfortable option and keeping your palate free. It can even be worn over dentures for a new modern colour or look!
Q: What is a self impression kit?
A: The self-impression kit allows you to take an impression of your teeth in the comfort of your own home. We'll provide you with everything you need and it will only take around 5 minutes to complete. If you have crowns, bridges or veneers then we recommend that the self-impression kit is supervised by ideally a dental professional as there could be a small chance of them being pulled out if they are not secure or if the putty is left in too long. Should you proceed with the self-impression kit it would be at your own discretion.
Q: Could I use the SmileCorrect veneers for eating?
A: No, SmileCorrect veneers is a cosmetic non Functioning veneer. It couldn't be used for eating any kind of food or chewing gums or it will result to wearing of the veneer, possible fracture and/or cracking of the Smile veneer.

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