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Product Description
The principle of the device is a computer control gas needle to mark,the feature is instant output and a greater depth, so especially suitable for various of serial number often need to change. This equipment was first introduced by two French companies to our country, but because of the price and after-sales service, this type of machine is still dominated by domestic brands; Actually the manufacturers of dot pin marking machine needs professional CNC design strength.But some manufacturers because of the quick success, they adopt the numerical control system without test and proof.So the quality problem of domestic dot pin marking machine is outstanding, once the after-sales service can not keep up with (the volume and weight is large), it often make the customer complaints. Maqing develop a series of dot pin marking machine, adopts the most advanced numerical control system, the key parts adopt the high cost of imported components. Our products are successfully applied to many famous domestic auto production assembly line, Has experienced the most severe test.
Product Feature
(1)Small and portable

(2)High marking speed and High accuracy

(3)Easy to operate

Product Specification / Models

Suitable for:tCustomers who require large quantity and high accuracyt

Impacting frequency:t> 200HZ

Operation system:t7inch screen integrated touch dual control system

Multiple fonts:tVarious fonts can be selected and loaded

Software system:tThe newest industrial marking system, which includes inlaid soft keyboard, English interface switch, higher accuracy, faster speed and can be connected to computert

Graphic edit:tSimple graph can be drawn directly by our marking software

Marking content:tAll kinds of characters, serial numbers, VIN codes and graphics anti - counterfeiting marks

Font edit:tVarious marking fonts can be remodelledt

Marking range:t80u00d730mm ( can be customed)t

Digital retrieval:tEveryday' s marking contents can be kept and the marking data can be retrieval

Rotating upgrade:tCan be linked to rotating device to mark circular workpiecet

Automatic memory:tThe set condition and serial numbers are memorized automatically

Repeat marking accuracy:t0.01mmt

Automatic contrast:tThe serial numbers and VIN codes can be compared automatically and there will be reminder if repeated

Marking depth:t0.02~ 0.6mm adjustable (according to the workpiece material)t

Workpiece hardness:t< HRC60t

Automatic saving:tFiles saving can be reminded

Marking speed:t4 letters/ s ( 2 mm high letter or number)

Analog display:Marking effect can be observed directly on the screen

Marking direction:tFour directions, tube surface and sectort

Marking process:tCan be seen directly on the screen

Applicable workpiece:tAlmost all material, shape, sizetContinuous working hours:t> 48 hours

Input mode:tmanual operation, auto increasing serial numbers( can be set)t

Voltage/ power:t220V 50HZ u00b110% About 200Wt

Size of outer wooden cases:t700( length) * 600(width) *880(height) ( unit: mm )

Air pressure:t>=0.6Mpa( actual use 0.2~ 0.4 Mpa)t

Main machine weight: 3 KGt

Controller weight: 4 KG

Working temperaturet:5~ 45 degree

Application / Models
Suitable to steel, iron, aluminum, alloy, plastic and other metal marking work, especially for large workpiece cannot be moved.
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GuangZhou Maqing is well-known domestic marking machine high-tech enterprise, is a professional committed to the dot pin marking machine, metal carving machine equipment research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.Our company was founded in 1999, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of marking machine, we adopt a batch of senior mechanical electronic technologys, software engineers specializing in R&D and production of industrial marking machine.Our agents are in Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, South Korea and so on, more than 10 regions and countries, and we set up offices and pits in the domestic the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, beijing-tianjin-hebei and many other places.

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Handheld portable dot peen marking machine

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