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The Bluenet new generation of telephony voice processing series includes the perfect analog interface modules which provide flexible analog interfaces for all kinds of boards and devices.

According to the function, module types list as:

FXS ( Foreign Exchange Station ) :FXS is an interface to driving telephone terminals. It provides feed and ringing for a telephone.So it can be connected directly with a telephone.This module makes your application to provide telephone access and the functions the same as carrier PBX.

FXO ( Foreign Exchange office ) : FXO interfaces connect the telephone line, which generally lent from a telecommunications companies or come from a FXS interface. The module provides access to the public telephone network. FXO determine whether there is the feed, ringing etc.

Product Feature
Compatible: Compatible with Digium modules and Can be used with Digium boards directly.

Complete modules: Single, Dual. Quad-port FXO/FXS totally 6 kind of FXO/FXS modules.

Standards: Compliance with carrier-grade standards. Worldwide deployed.

Flexibility: Support long lines. Provide large voltage and current adjustment. Lines parameters can be configured to meet the requirements of different lines

Stability: International companies chips, stable and reliable

Product Specification / Models
Analogy Telephony Module

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Dual FXO Module

Dual FXS Module




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Application / Models
These modules can produce all the properties of standard telephone lines, and meet the certifications standards around the world. They can be used for telecommunication networks worldwide.

The cores of the modules are all adopted the same chips which are consolidated used in international carrier.

FXO Module

FXO ( Foreign Exchange office )adopts high reliability, low power and programmable chip and meet the global telecommunications standards. It is a carrier-grade product. A variety of programmable features make it adapt to differentiated lines.

The FXO module has the following characteristics:

tμ-law/A-law voice coding formats.

tProgrammed for the gain adjustment in 0.1db and can reach 80db dynamic range in both receive and transmit path.

tIntegrated ring detector.

tLine voltage and current monitoring

tSupport type1 and type 2 caller ID

tparallel machines testing.

tSupport for pulse dialing.

tMonitoring 3 u00b5A current hook

tSupport greater 5000V isolation

tOverload detection

tSupport Ground start and loop start signal

tTIP/RING polarity detection

tWorking temperature:-40-100℃

tPolarity reversal detection

FXS Module

FXS (Foreign Exchange office )adopts high reliability, low power and programmable chips and meet the global telecommunications standards. It is a carrier-grade product. Its programmable features available to a variety of circuits can meet different requirements.

The FXS module use directly the host 12V power instead external power supply, feed and ring current.

The FXS module has the following characteristics:

tSupport all BORSCHT functions

tProvide up to 90VPK ringing(up to 1200 meters when 5 REN.Up to 2400 meters when 3 REN)

tFeeding with a variety of voltage options.

tMinimum working power consumption.

tRinging frequency, amplitude, waveform can be adjusted

tProvide stable current from 20-41 mA

tPhone terminal detection

tDual audio generator

tPerfect polarity reversal

Founded in 2005, Bluenet is becoming a leading manufacturer of telephony boards and devices for open source telephony projects: Asterisk, Freeswitch and Yate, etc.

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