Eight-station Cylinder Sleeve Centrifugal Casting Machine

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Product Description
Eight-station cylinder sleeve centrifugal casting machine is used for casting of cylinder sleeve.The complete equipment is made up of rotary working platform,the automatic cleaning device,the automatic spraying device,the automatic pouring device,Pipe pulling device, mold cooling system and temperature measuring device .

It has the following features

1. A high degree of automation

2. Occupying less area.

3. High productivity.

It is propitious to large-lot production of cylinder sleeve.
Product Feature
1. Cantilever centrifugal casting machine

Cantilever centrifugal casting machine is the core part. On the rotary working platform there are eight host machines which are regular distribution. Converter motor drives the main axis rotation with belt. The main axis makes mold whirling and then complete the centrifugal casting. The mold is fixed on the turnplate. Speed of mainshaft can realize stepless speed regulation so that the equipment can be able to fulfill technical requirements of casting with different diameter. For the sake of safety in production, every machine equip safety protection cover.

2. The rotary working platform

The rotary working platform is the key of eight-station cylinder sleeve centrifugal casting machine. Servomotor drives slewing ring bearing by gear drive so that the rotary working platform rotates. Swinging action has accurate positioning by servomotor control. The rotary working platform rotates intermittently. Pause after each 45 u00b0 then complete their action at each station. After completion of all work station, and then rotate to the next stage. When working platform turn around , a process of centrifugal casting can be completed . According to the technological parameter of each station, The pause time and rotating speed can be set and accurately control.

3 Cleaning device

Cleaning device can realize the cleaning by cleaning brush within the scope of the product specification. Pipe die is cleaned by cleaning rod with reciprocating movement.The cleaning brush is replaceable Within the scope of the workplace.

4. Automatic spraying device

Automatic spraying device can move accurately by servo. In order to meet the requirements of the production process, the spraying pole move and spray the mold cavity automatically.

5 Automatic pouring device

Automatic pouring device consist of pouring ladle, automatic weighing device (the accuracy of 100g, reaction time is less than 0.2S), Ladle tilting device, pouring basin and moving vehicle. The molten metal which is in the pouring ladle were detected by automatic weighing device and displayed in the big screen. When the molten metal reaches the setting weight, it will stop adding. Molten metal is poured into the mold through the pouring basin by variable frequency motor driving Ladle tilting. After pouring,the pouring car is back to the furnace front position where is pouring molten iron. Wait for the next pouring. The speed of pouring ladle tilting can be adjusted according to the process requirements.

6. Pipe pulling and removing cover device

On the pipe pulling station, It completes two actions which are cover removed and pipe pulled. This device is made up of two parts, one is removing cover .the other is pipe pulling. Complete corresponding action automatically.

7. Mold cooling system

All the eight centrifugal casting machines equip cooling channel absolutely. The axial mold can be sprayed water uniform cooling whole course. Each cooling nozzle can be adjusted manually in order to control the cooling flow.

8.Mold temperature measuring device

The three mold cooling stations equip mold temperature measuring device. Detect the middle mold temperature real time. At the same time the temperature is displayed on the touch screen.

9. Electrical control system

PLC is the control unit. The display unit is touch screen which can set process parameter and store no less than 20 casting process parameters. It is conveniently transfer the process parameter. Control system has manual and automatic program selection, which can be switched according to the requirements. If adjust machine we can choice the manual program, or regular production we can choice automatic program.

Each host machine can be switched on/off line in the work process.
Product Specification / Models
Technical specification

name of parameter:tparameter values

Turntable diametert2500 mm

Number of stationt8

Rotation power of motort4 Kw

Mold rotation diametertu00d8420 mm

Casting maximum diametertu00d8120 mm

Casting maximum lengtht300-600mm

Speed of moldt0~1600 rpm

Main machine power of motort5.5 kw

Centre-to centre spacing between the ground and mold 1000 mm

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