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electrostatic separator


The series of JF electric separation equipment is according to the electrical difference of the material (conductivity, dielectric constant, thermoelectricity, rectifier, electric conductivity,) The materials are separated and sorted by the electrostatic force, electrostatic force, gravity and centrifugal force in high voltage electric field.The complete machine may be with one roller,two rollers,three rollers,six rollers and multiple rollers.According to the difference and sorting requirements of different mixed materials.Hence, finish of separation or selecting,we can manufacture the electric equipment of different models and different types.efficiency may be improved by simplified operations.Different materials have different requirements on the feeding system,material-charging system and material-loading system.the internal structure of electric separator is also different.

Applicable scope:

1,remove nonferrous metal materials in the plastic

Separation of aluminum-plastic (such as aluminum-plastic plate,aluminum-plastic pipe,medicine plate,aluminum-plastic packaging materials,aluminum wire,aluminum shavings mixed waste and various of compounds,the purity is more than 99.5% )

Separation of copper-plastic(such as copper wire and cable,waste wire pulverized materials,the the purity is more than 99.7%

2,Remove non-metallic minerals in the plastic( such as grains of sand, stone, ceramic, glass, asbestos, diatomite, limestone, kaolin, clay and other minerals)

3,Recycle and separate various of waste circuit board.the recovery rate of metal is more than 99.5%

4.Refine and purify all minerals,exact metal from metallurgy and and smelting slags.(such as the separation of aluminum and cassiterite, magnetite, hematite, chromite, manganese ore separation, tantalum niobium, ilmenite, rutile, monazite separation, the separation of gold, copper slag smelting, aluminum slag)

5.Sort and purify nonmetallic minerals(such as the separation of quartz and feldspar, graphite, diamond, apatite, coal and asbestos)

6.Sort and purify waste Crystalline silicon

7.Refine and purify the carbon from the fly ash

8.The production of super pure iron concentrate(using electric separation to produce super pure iron concentrate,Fe containing more than 66%, contain Sio2 is less than 30%, so reducing coking,it's good to save energy and reduce cost.

9.Grade materials according to the its shape and particle size,Because different particle size of the same material has different centrifugal force, gravity and static electricity, and so they can be separated.

10 separate broken metal powder, powder separation from other insulating materials,purify and separate mixtures of metallic and nonmetallic abrasive dusts.

11,Separate and sort antistatic materials and insulating materials

12 Recycle of cooper and aluminum in the municipal solid waste

13,Remove impurity sundry from the food and other grain

14,Sort tea and medicine
Henan Jufeng ECO technology Co., LTD,which is a company integrating researching,developing,manufacturing and manufacturing into one,and locates in henan province of China. With the goverment’s primary support,it develops new technology environmental project concerning cyclic utilization of energies,and it focuses on research and application of the electric separation technology with theory and practice.It is also a specialized manufacturing and developing company with environmental protection technology having strong international technology,large scale and whole varieties .
Our company is dedicated to the research on separation and recovery, sorting and purification of various solid material,together with the research on environmental dry separation and sorting of the all kinds of the combinations and compounds under normal temperature .We have made more than 30 patents currently in all fields,such as all kinds of waste aluminum-plastic separation recycling, wire and cable separation recycling,circuit board recycling,refrigerators air-conditioning washing machine recycling, milk box recycling,paper-plastic recycling,waste plastics recycling , waste crystalline silicon separation purification,waste battery recycling,scrap car recycling,carbon from fly ash,electrolytic alumnimum anode scrap recycling,extraction and separation of smelting slag,mineral extraction separation,electric separation equipment,crushing grinding equipment,transportation equipment and so on.Which of 16 patents has been in the international leading level,besides ,there are 5 technology fill up the gap in the area both in and out of china,especially the multiple rolls electrical separator,always being in international leading level. Our company's equipments are sold throughout the country, Hong Kong, Taiwan , and exported to the United States, France, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, Egypt, Portugal, South Korea, Vietnam as well as other countries.

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