EP/AW agent- Sulfurized Fatty Acid Ester

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EPsailTM S3015 Sulfurized Fatty Acid Ester
EPsail S3015 is a EP/AW agent with light color and smell. It has high viscosity, good adhesion, oil film thickness, high abrasion resistance characteristics. It works as a main agent to blend stamping oil and stretch oil in the metal plastic deformation process. In industrial oils it is used to blend slide rail oil.
Application and Recommend treat level
·Widely used for blending of kinds of industrial oils and metalworking oils.
·Industrial oil 0.5%~3%;  metalworking fluid 3%~20%.
·light color and light smell;
·low viscosity, good fluidity;
·with low active sulfur content, light corrosion to copper, suitable for non-ferrous metalworking;
·excellent EP/AW properties , and it can greatly reduce the purchasing cost under the condition of not reducing the processing efficiency.

Packing & storage 
25kg/drum or 200kg/ drum;Shelf life two year under room temperature, if sealed.
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Luoyang Fansun Chemical  is a professional manufacturer of metal processing water soluble additives in China. So far, our products has exported to European, America, Southeast Asia with a favorable comment and reputation from our customers. Our product are qualified with the same European Standard and are of the similar quality as those in your market, but with much lower cost as we are the factory in mainland of China.
1) metalworking fluid additives (CAS80584-91-4 BASF L190 replacer, CAS78521-39-8 Becrosan 2128 replacer, CAS 88477-37-6 Irgamet 42 replacer, ASI80replacer, Extreme pressure agent and so on)
2) metalworking oleochemicals (castor oil derivatives (four castor oil ester, DCO, DCO-FA, castor oil fatty acid, sulfated caster oil,  Oiliness  lmprover(Oxidized rapeseed oil),
3) special lubricating oil additives( T705, TPPT, OSA,DDSA)
4) industrial biocides & pharmaceutical intermediates (BK, MBM, Kathon; 4-Nitrobenzoyl chloride, 4-Nitrobenzoyl chloride)

Jinhoo Biotechnology is a high-tech?company which focuses on the manufacturing of functional fine chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, industrial biocides and so on. Our company are professional on the field of metalworking fluid additives and have a complete product chain. We aim to be the most professional manufacturer of water based metal working fluid additives in China.

Jinhoo Biotechnology is located in Luoyang Petrochemical Industrial Cluster Zone(Jili District). Jinhoo has standard production base covered an area of more than sixty thousand square meters, with total design capacity 10000t/a. Our company can accept OEM and customized orders. Now our product ranges can be divided into four categories -- metalworking fluid additives, metalworking oleochemicals,?special lubricating oil additives and industrial biocides & pharmaceutical intermediates. Jinhoo has the largest production line in China -- triazine carboxylic acid production line and four castor oil acid production line. Depending on the Scientific Management, Jinhoo Biotechnology has passed the standard attestation of ISO9001 ISO9000 and ISO14000. 70% products are exported to overseas and got good comments from our customers.
Jinhoo Biotechnology has a long-term strategic partnership with research institutes, such as Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese?Academy of Sciences, ShanghaiJiao?Tong?University, Lanzhou?Institute?of?Chemical Physic, CNPC Lanzhou Lubricant R&D center, Shanghai Institute of Technology and Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology. Jinhoo has claimed about 20 patents.

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