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Exhibition shop decoration production

Rich production experience for many years, to undertake large and small exhibition hall decoration and construction, the perfect fusion of designer's creative ideas, for you to build satisfaction and atmospheric space.


Chinese Academy of Sciences "Shenzhou five" exhibition hall decoration (2000 square meters)

Chinese Academy of Sciences "Shenzhou VI" exhibition hall (2000 square meters)

State Grid "painting and calligraphy exhibition" exhibition hall decoration (level 1000)

Shenhua Group "painting and calligraphy exhibition" (1000)

"BMW store" decoration

"Spa" decoration

Beijing exhibition factory

Contact: Song Zhao Song Chunli

Contact: 13718624703 13366699931

Contact QQ:286825960 1106433110 13366699931


Factory address: Beijing city Chaoyang District Jinzhan Ma Ge Zhuang South Industrial Zone No. A5 a

Beijing Songzhuang town Tongzhou District Ge to channel 655
Beijing exhibition factory / special equipment to build / production of the exhibition hall / exhibition / exhibition / event / stage

Beijing exhibition factory is located in Beijing city Chaoyang District Jinzhan Ma Nan Industrial District Gezhuang armour A5, factory devoted to the exhibition production structures, special equipment production structures, shop, exhibition hall, conference activities (press conference, forum, company annual meeting, temple fairs, medicine, as well as fair, cultural exchange and so on), as well as the stage truss lease. Hardware exhibition, building materials exhibition, exhibition of construction, machinery, industrial exhibition, exhibition equipment, clothing, textile, leather exhibition exhibition exhibition exhibition exhibition, electronic, communication, information, exhibition, jewelry, crafts gifts exhibition exhibition exhibition exhibition exhibition, chemical, energy, and environmental protection exhibition, exhibition, exhibition, exhibition, office accessories. Exhibition, exhibition, exhibition style toys, packaging, printing, paper exhibition, advertising, media, publishing exhibition exhibition exhibition, food, beverage, agricultural exhibition exhibition exhibition.

The terminal execution of project portfolio business conferences, exhibition project.

Our core philosophy: execution to create high quality.

Our work: the project without size -- regardless of order size, by the person documentary. No matter from the supplier to the partnership, or the production, transportation, construction, on-site service process optimization. As we know, the process cannot be optimized, a nail could be worth one hundred dollars. Spend some time developing the project process, far more than a hasty more efficient.

Our service concept: to stay in the factory, to be moved to the customer. The customer is used to move, not as we worry. Our sense of achievement is not only reflected in the profit, accepted and moved from the customer is more important.

Our concept of cooperation: we are a kind of be closely related and mutually dependent relationship with upstream customers. We know that every list of customers are from the team's hard work and sweat. In the whole process of project implementation, once a link chain, will cause incalculable consequences for both malignant. We have been trying to pursue through the collaborative efforts of the team, to achieve the smooth implementation of the project.

Our prices are fixed: would rather give up, will not win at a low cost. A low price to win, for grandiose projects results must be cut corners and crudely made, whether you like it or not, the damage must be the interests of three parties.

Our team: we get rid of relying on individual members turn back the powers of darkness the personal heroism, team cooperation and cohesion force from

2003 "Xuechi" down jacket (North)

In 2005 the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Shenzhou five" exhibition hall decoration (2000 square meters)

In 2006 the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Shenzhou VI" exhibition hall (2000 square meters)

In 2006 the "national grid" painting and calligraphy exhibition (1000 square meters)

In 2006 the "juicy fruit gum" exhibition activities

2006 "mango net" press conference

In 2006 the "auto concert" (Zhongshan Park)

"The big auto show in 2007." (North)

In 2008 the "national grid" production of the exhibition hall

In 2008 the "national painting and calligraphy exhibition activities of Shenhua Group"

2009 "spa" annual meeting

2009 "Erdos" clothing conference

2010 "Beijing Temple" activities

In 2010, "BMW store" decoration

In 2011 the "windows show, fashion show, sound development, automobile fittings, such as more fair exhibition"

In 2012 the "wallpaper, windows and doors, electric auto show exhibition exhibition, exhibition, fashion show, pregnant baby Bo, volleyball amateur league"

2013 "Yuyang ski competition, Jundu mountain ski Festival, 2013 Genting limit skiing"

2013 you I meet

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Contact Person: songzhao
Telephone: 86-010-89550200
Location: Beijing, China
Business Type:Service
Main Target Region:China
Beijing city Chaoyang District Jinzhan Ma Ge Zhuang
Main Product:
Beijing exhibition factory, set up special equipment, production of the exhibiti
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