FEG face whitening night cream

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Product Description
Wrinkle remove

Dark spots remove

Anti aging

Anti acne

Whitening & moisturizing


Q. What's this?

A. This is a night cream for daily skin care.

Q. Who can use this cream?

A. All adult, no gender restrictions. But if you are pregnant, allergies, or have skin diseases, please consult your doctor before use.

Q. I'm just 24 years old, am I need to use this cream?

A. YES! Do not wait until the wrinkles appear then realized you should use a wrinkle cream. FEG wrinkle and aging cream is not only anti wrinkle and aging, it's also provide skin rich collagen, nutrients and water, use it as a normal night cream is a perfect choice.

Q. I'm 60 years old, is this cream will work for me?

A. Firstly, we should understand, due to aging skin wrinkles is an inevitable phenomenon. After a certain age, our cream can slow down skin aging, avoid wrinkles deepen, help your skin maintain the best level in this age.

Q. So what is the best using age?

A. Actually, from 20 to 65 ages, you can use this cream.

For younger people, it can prevent wrinkle appears, keep skin in a young state. For older people, it can provide skin enough nutrients to make skin in a better state.

Q. Is it safe?

A. Of course it's a 100% safe product!

The main ingredient of FEG wrinkle & aging cream is from herbal extract serum, it's mild and gentle. Meanwhile, our product does not contain harmful chemicals hormones and heavy metals.

Q. Is it can only use in the night?

A. YES. FEG wrinkle & aging cream is a night cream. Because it's containing lucifugous collagen and vitamin C whitening factor, if use it in day time, would destroy the active ingredient in creams.

Magic effect

FEG combine with herbal extract serum and rich Vitamin ingredient, provide enough nutrition for skin care. As a mild night care cream, it can remove small wrinkle and dark spot, thus help skin whitening and brightening.

1. More secure

No added artificial hormones, does not contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals, through safety testing.

2. More professional

From traditional Chinese herbal formula, combined with modern advanced biotechnology, solve wrinkle problem from the source.

3. More effective

Using herbal extract conditioning from the inside out, healthy and mild, getting more lasting effect.


Apply on wrinkle parts after clean the skin. Massage softly until absorbed completely.


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Product Feature
anti wrinkle, acne, help skin whitening and moisturizing.

Product Specification / Models
Application / Models
use in the night after clean face
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