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It is a small fixed bed micro reverse evaluation device of open framework, mainly used in the evaluation of catalyst reaction, including reaction bypass, preheater, pressure control valve and other process pipeline, integrated in hot box, effectively preheat reagent and at the same time avoiding the volatile product from condensing. The mesohigh basic parts and optional configuration are used to improve efficiency.

The device as an integrated structure, includes circuit system, control system and mass flow meter system and steam generator, mixer and reactor in the hot box.

High pressure reaction system includes the separation process for gas and liquid, employing a new device for controlling condensate level close to no dead volume (0.3ml), so the liquid outlet sample is the mixture of instantaneous reaction product. This reactor can realize many reactions, such as hydrogenation cracking, hydrotreating, isomerism reaction, hydrogenation reaction, hydrogenation desulfurization, hydrodenitrification, oxidation reaction, polymerization reaction, reforming (aromatization) and steam reforming.

Features for Basic Components

- Micro reverse evaluation device of open framework, reasonable layout, and convenient for both replacement and maintenance

- High tube furnace can independently control the temperature in three steps, the highest temperature reaching 1000centigrade. The temperature of reaction tube can be programmed control.

- Inox304 steel reactor heating box, good performance for heat preservation.

- Inox316 steel AE tubular reactor, the highest temperature 1000centigrade, outer diameter with various kinds of specifications from 10mm to 50mm. The support frame can be welded inside the tube.

- The thermocouple with casing or not can be chosen. The thermocouple is in the area of sample tube and measures the temperature accurately.

- It supports 6 roads of gas channel at most and the gas is controlled by mass flow controller (MFC).

- It supports 3 roads for liquid channel at most, and the liquid controls flows by high pressure metering pump. Each liquid channel is corresponding to a steam generator.

- With gas path and liquid circuit, each road is standard configured with cut-off valve and check valve. In the place of gas mixing, there is a gas mixer with good effect.

- Gas-liquid condensing or separating thermoelectric module can condensate through tap water cycle, and also can set secondary condensing unit.

- The opening pressure of the check valve for liquid feed is 10 psi, protect MFC and the other related devices.

- The temperature for spiral liquid evaporator or preheater is independently controlled, the highest pressure 200centigrade.

- The spiral gas preheater is mainly used in gas preheating and avoids liquid condensation.

- The atmospheric or high pressure sensor is equipped with a pressure gauge at the same time and display the value of pressure at the real-time.

- Chromatography is connected with 250centigrade heater line, prevent to occur condensation before into the chromatography.

- It can do micro processing safety integrated controller (abnormal flow, pressure, temperature and liquid level sensor).

- The highest working pressure is 20MPs and the working pressure of basic unit is 0.2MPa.

-Pipeline, parts and valve are connected through card sleeve, pressure-resistance 20MPa.
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