Flower Links plant supports for flower, shrubs and vegetables

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Flower Links - all-purpose linking stakes plant supports

Flower link plant supports

The L-shaped flower support is a flexible structure, a plurality of links can be combined in many different shapes and lengths to provide support for the plants. The plug joint and extensible supports are flexible holder for perennials and summer flowers. You just need plug support leg into the ground and hook into each other, then any shape and length can be created according to the needs of your plants.

The plant support is used for all plants indoors and outdoors: room or balcony plants, shrubs and even vegetables - using are almost no limits!


Materials: thick galvanized steel with a dark green or black plastic coating

Flower links form pentagon shape to support plant

Steel wire diameter 6 mm

Color: green or black

Dimension: Length u00d7 Height

L 17 cm u00d7 H 45 cm

L 20 cm u00d7 H 45 cm

L 20 cm u00d7 H 60 cm

L 30 cm u00d7 H 60 cm

L 30 cm u00d7 H 76 cm

L 30 cm u00d7 H 90 cm

L 38 cm u00d7 H 100 cm

L 40 cm u00d7 H 80 cm

Flower links used in different shape supports
Anping greeny plant supports company is a leading company for the production of various plant supports and plant stakes. Through our 30 years of experience, our products have been ever evolving.

Our products are made of heavy duty solid steel galvanized wire or PVC coating wire which ensures a long life. They are used in garden and indoor for flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Many plants need plant supports to prevent wind or rain damage, or really to support the stem or flowers in full bloom.

Especially tomatoes can not do without support. We manufacture five types support suitable for tomatoes: cage support, tomato tower, twist spiral support, lattice-shaped column support, and ladder support. These different ways you can protect your tomatoes, make sure you have a big tomato harvest.

Lush growing perennials with large, heavy flowers such as peonies or sprawling shrub roses present themselves better if they held by peonies and rose supports.

An old fashioned rose arch can show off your lovely rose and peonies, and define a individual spaces in the garden.

For us this is more than a job - rather a vocation to which we fulfill with dedication.

Please check out product list on this site looking for support for a variety of plants. If you not found what you need, please send us an email. We can follow your designs and sketches to customize the right support, you can achieve all the inspiration in here. Contact us right now info@plantsupportsupplier.com.

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