ford ignition coil 1F3Z-12029-AA | F7LZ-12029-AD | F7LU-12A366-AD | 4L7Z-12029-AA | DG512

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ford ignition coil 1F3Z-12029-AA | F7LZ-12029-AD | F7LU-12A366-AD | 4L7Z-12029-AA | DG512

Yuyao Carlead Auto Products Co., Ltd. is one of the leading and professional manufacturers specialized in producing and developing auto Ignition Coil in China.


1. High quality and stability

2. Warranty offered

3.100% Compatibility

We are able to supply more than 500 types of Ignition Coil, for more details. Please visit our website:

FORD 18LZ-12029-AAtDQG1105F

FORD 18LZ-12029-ABtDQG1105F

FORD 1F2U-12029-ACtDQG692

FORD 1F2Z-12029-ACtDQG692

FORD 1F3Z-12029-AAtDQG1105G

FORD 1F3Z-12029-ACtDQG1105G

FORD 1L2U-12029-AA tDQG1105A

FORD 1L2Z-12029-AA tDQG1105A

FORD 1L8Z-12029-AAtDQG1105F

FORD 1R8E-12A366-ACtDQG1105F

FORD 1S7G-12029-ABtDQG498

FORD 1S7G-12029-ACtDQG498C

FORD 1W4Z-12029-AAtDQG1105D

FORD 1W4Z-12029-BAtDQG1105D

FORD 2W4A-12029-ABtDQG1105D

FORD 2W4E-12A366-AD tDQG1105B

FORD 2W4Z-12029-AB tDQG1105B

FORD 2W4Z-12029-AC tDQG1105B

FORD 2W4Z-12029-BCtDQG1105C

FORD 2W4Z-12029-BDtDQG1105C

FORD 3L3E-12A366-CAtDQG1105H

FORD 3L3Z-12029-BAtDQG1105H

FORD 3R2U-12A366-AAtDQG1105E

FORD 3R2U-12A366-BAtDQG1105E

FORD 3W7Z-12029-AAtDQG1105A

FORD 4L7Z-12029-AAtDQG1105G

FORD 4L7Z-12029-AAtDQG1105G

FORD 4M5G-12029-ZAtDQG498B

FORD 4M5G-12029-ZBtDQG498B

FORD 4M5G-12A366-BA tDQG1105

FORD 4M5G-12A366-BCtDQG1105

FORD 5F2Z-12029-ADtDQG692

FORD 5R2U-12A366-BA tDQG1105E

FORD 6E5G-12A366 tDQG176A

FORD 6M8G-12A366tDQG176

FORD 6V87QE-3705010BtDQG691

FORD 88F-12029-A1A tDQG497

FORD 90TF-12029-AAtDQG695

FORD 919F-12029-AA tDQG696

FORD 928F-12029-CAtDQG497

FORD 938F-12024-CAtDQG497

FORD 94DA-12029-ACtDQG699

FORD 988F-12029-ABtDQG498

FORD 988F-12029-ACtDQG498

FORD 988F-12029-ADtDQG498C

FORD BA-12A366-AtDQG1105E

FORD E8BZ-12029-AtDQG496

FORD E8BZ-12029-BtDQG496

FORD E8TE-12029-AAtDQG497

FORD E9DF-12029-AA tDQG695

FORD E9SF-12029-AA tDQG696

FORD EF-12029-AtDQG699

FORD EF-12029-AtDQG699

FORD F37Z-12029-ZtDQG497

FORD F3U-12029-AA tDQG497

FORD F3XA-12029-AAtDQG166

FORD F3XY-12029-AtDQG166

FORD F5LY-12029-AtDQG497

FORD F5SU-12029-AA/ABtDQG696

FORD F5XA-12029-AA tDQG166

FORD F5XZ-12029-AAtDQG166

FORD F7LU-12A366-ADtDQG1105G

FORD F7LU-12A366-CBtDQG1105G

FORD F7LZ-12029-ACtDQG1105G

FORD F7LZ-12029-ADtDQG1105G

FORD F7LZ-12029-ADtDQG1105G

FORD F7LZ-12029-CBtDQG1105G

FORD F7TU-12A366-ABtDQG1105A

FORD F7TU-12A366-BA tDQG1105A

FORD F7TZ-12029-BAtDQG1105A

FORD F7TZ-12029-CAtDQG1105A

FORD F7TZ-12029-CCtDQG1105A

FORD LF16-18-100tDQG1105

FORD N3H1-18-100tDQG177

FORD N3H1-18-100B tDQG177

FORD XS8Z-12029-ADtDQG498

FORD XW4Z-12029-BA tDQG1105B

FORD YM2F-12029-ABtDQG498C

GM 12590990tDQG1145

GM 12610626tDQG1145

GM 12618542tDQG1145

GM 12632479tDQG1145

GM 09119567tDQG1204

GM 10450424tDQG491A

GM 10457870tDQG491A

GM 10490192tDQG491A

GM 1104038tDQG491A

GM 1104047tDQG491A

GM 12558948tDQG137

GM 12560862tDQG136

GM 12566569tDQG1140

GM 12568062 tDQG136

GM 12570616tDQG157

GM 12583514tDQG1140

GM 12587153tDQG698

GM 12611424tDQG157

GM 12618542tDQG1145

GM 12629037tDQG1140

GM 12632479tDQG1145

GM 9023781tDQG1134

GM 90443900tDQG1215A

GM 90449572tDQG1215A

GM 90449739tDQG198A

GM 90458250tDQG494A

GM 90510386tDQG198A

GM 90536194tDQG1204

GM 94404545tDQG141

GM 94853695tDQG141

GM 96414260tDQG1126

Yuyao Carlead Auto Products Co., Ltd. Is one of the leading and professional manufacturers specialized in producing and developing auto Ignition Coil in China.

It only takes 1 hour from Ningbo & Hangzhou airport, 2.5 hour from Shanghai airport to our company by car.

More than 90% products are exported to USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, South America and Middle East, etc...We have achieved very good reputation in the market. Our R&D team keep on developing new products every year to satisfy customer's and market's demands.

We use imported materials, modules and IC, all of our products offer ONE YEAR GUARANTEE at least.

If you are interested in any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with high quality products at competitive prices and excellent service. We look forward to establishing business relationship with you!

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