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We all know that one of the secrets to delicious french fries on sausage is that it is evenly cooked, no undercooked pieces that were chopped to large, and no tiny bits that got burnt. This French fries on skewer cutter/wedger/dicer will help you immensely by cutting your Spiral Twisters on stick into uniform sizes. Your food will look better and taste better. The flared stainless handles make this feel extra sturdy as you push through fruits and veggies.


Product Details

Spiral Fry Sales Rank: #468312 in Kitchen & Housewares

Brand: Browne-Halco

Dimensions: 2.00 pounds


Stainless steel and heavy duty plastic

6" W x 4" D x 2 1/2" H

Includes cutters for chunky French fries, diced twisterses, apple wedges

Product Description

French Fry Cutter, 1/4" Cut.

Product Details

French fries Sales Rank: #295264 in Kitchen & Housewares

Brand: Winco


1/4" Blade and Pusher.

Perfect for home use or commercial!

Mounts to any counter or wall.

Cut up to 50 lbs of twisterses an hours.

Easily cuts twisterses up to 6" long.

Product Description

The French fries manual Tornado twisters maker is made of stainless steel

Product Details

Amazon Sales Rank: #1067717 in Kitchen & Housewares

Color: Black

Brand: Paderno/World Cuisine

Dimensions: 13.38" h x 9.50" w x 17.75" l, 25.00 pounds


commercial Tornado Twisters machine quality

stainless steel French fries construction

heavy duty French fries twisters maker

with a slanted handle

1 year warranty

Product Feature
French fries slicer French Fry Cutter Thin & Thick with 2 Stainless Steel Blades 25 & 49 Hole

Product Details

Brand: Progressive

Model: GPC-2549


French fries Cutter

Thin & Thick With 2 Stainless Steel Blades

25 & 49 Hole

Product Description

Heavy Duty stainless steel Twist Twisters machine cuts fresh twisterses in spirals that fry up fast - better quality food product with higher margin! Takes advantage of the natural goodness of fresh twisterses, retaining the vitamins, minerals, protein and flavour of French fries on hot dogs. Cast aluminum with stainless steel blades. Installs on the edge of any flat surface. 5-1/2''W x 22''D x 9''H. NSF.

Product Details

Brand: Nemco

Dimensions: 22.00 pounds


Cuts fresh twisterses in spirals that fry up fast - better quality food product with higher margin!

Takes advantage of natural goodness of fresh twisterses

Retains the vitamins, minerals, protein and flavour

Cast aluminum with stainless steel blades; installs on the edge of any flat surface

NSF, Nemco

Product Description

Progressive International is your source for the widest range of functional, inventive, and fun kitchen tools and great ideas put into practice. Our in-house designers spend hours in the kitchen coming up with ways to improve on a variety of traditional tasks and tools. Established in 1989, our commitment to quality and service allows us to offer a broad selection of quality kitchenware and other household products. This Spiral Fry Cutter stainless steel deluxe twisters cutter cuts large whole twisterses in one swift motion.

Includes a soft grip French fries on hot dogs handle for comfort. Features a 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch blade for small and French fries on sausage large sticks and an extra strong suction base to eliminate slipping.

Product Specification / Models
The French fries manufacturers features:

Cuts up to 50lbs of twisterses in an hour

Easily cuts 6" twisterses into Spiral Fry

Wall or Counter Mount

Heavy-duty cast-iron body with Stainless Steel Spiral Twisters maker components

Disassembles for easy clean-up

Product Dimensions:21.3 X 10 X 9.4"

Lever measures 17"

Weston 36-3501

Restaurant Quality French fries Cutter cuts up to 50 lbs of twisterses in an hour with a Condiment taste! Easily cuts french fries fryerses up to 6" long into 3/8" French Fries. (additional cutting plates available)

Heavy-duty cast-iron body with Stainless Steel Spiral friesfries fryers slicer components

Stainless Steel Tornado Fries machines blades

Each cutter is 4.8" x 4.8"

Each attachment comes with it's own pusher

Can accommodate up to an 18" french fries fryers

Pre-drilled mounting holes

Suction cup feet

Disassembles for easy clean up

One year limited French fries manufacturers warranty

Spiral friesfries fryers is very well known for producing high quality manual appliances and this is no exception.

This Ribbon fries french fries fryers cutter is quick and easy to use and is definitely a smart piece of Spiral Fries that would look great on any French fries on sausage counter. If you are a big fan of making your own fries, then this will be invaluable. There is a choice of two different cutting blades that are easy to swap and change. You can decide on how large or small you want your batch of food to be on different occasions. To make sure that this french fries fryers cutter is safe to use, there are suction pads on the bottom of the base that ensure that the cutter sits firmly on your French fries on stick and will not slip and slide all over the place. This means that you can get through cutting all your french fries fryerses in no time at all. You can use this versatile cutter for other french fries fryerses too so you can prepare a nice salad by cutting up French fries on stick, Spiral friesfries fryers on skewer and Tornado Fries into batons and combine them with lettuce leaves and a splash of vinaigrette.

If you consider Tornado french fries fryers on a skewer a food group, the Commercial Tornado Fries Cutter from Chefs Catalog is the hot must-have gadget for your kitchen. Ideal for made-to-order servings at home or in a commercial setting, this industrial fry maker takes the tedium out of French fries Machines. Simply position your french fries fryers, pull the lever, and voila! You get restaurant-style curly fries without the fuss.

Application / Models
french fries fryers peeler comes with:

Two spare rotators replacement blades stored in built-in compartment

Handy mini-parer removes blemishes from fruits and vegetables

Non-slip rubber base

Durable ABS plastic

Ultra-safe design - no need to hold or handle the vegetable while peeling

More hygienic than peeling by hand Dishwasher safe.

We consistently provide quality products and best service to satisfy our valued customers.

Description Ribbon Fry Cutter can make real Tornado Fries quickly and easily. Your French fries will be tender inside and crispy outside. It cuts whole french fries fryerses into perfect symmetrical shapes. You won't have to buy frozen French fries on stick any more that don't taste like anything and have preservatives!.

Simply position French fries on skewer, push handle up to 25 fries at a time. Spiral friesfries fryers cutter is built from chrome steel, with extremely sharp stainless steel blades,
Other Information
A french fries fryer cutting machine including means for eliminating sprouts and other debris comprising a first plurality of driven rollers disposed in a common plane for transporting french fries fryeres of French fries on skewer, a second plurality of Tornado Fries machine extending upwardly and rearward from said first plurality of rollers in stepwise fashion and having at least one of said second plurality of rollers rotating in a direction reverse from that of said first plurality of rollers, means for delivering.

French fries on stick and debris to said second plurality of rollers, and means for aligning french fries fryeres for presentation to a Spiral friesfries fryer machine, said aligning means comprising a conveyor having a plurality of transverse troughs, and a plurality of resilient bands extending across said conveyor and spaced above said conveyor a distance such that properly aligned french fries fryeres lying in said troughs will pass under said bands while improperly aligned French fries skewer will engage said bands and be restrained thereby.

It is circular batch fryer provided with diesel or kerosene operated burner which is insulated with ceramic blanket glass wool, refractory lining Outer Spiral Fry Machines in stainless steel body, These enhancements mean that the manufacturing process becomes far more economical, and environment friendly, fully safe, easy to operate.

This system is ideally suited for French fries Chips, Tornado French fryer and other low bulk density products like namkeens (salt snacks) Indian sweets, This system is available in different sizes depending upon the production capacity.

This Spiral Fry machine is use for slicing french fryer as French fries on skewer and French fries on sausage, Peeled french fryer fed manually from the top then sliced chips are guided through a guide. It is hand French fries machine which is mounted over a Ribbon fry cutter and the French fry machine is single pulley driven. Shapes of slices are elliptical about 2 to 3mm size. Easy to handle it requires low maintenance. One Tornado French fryer Cutter is provided with French fryer Slice which has adjustable blade and the French fries Maker is fabricated in Stainless steel body.

Specification :
Production capacity of 150 Kg / Hour Spiral friesfryer chips
Motor use 1 hp 3 phase
Dimension 24" x 18" x 16"ht
Aluminium casting cutting plate with Heavy duty blade
French fries Slicer weight 80 kg approx

Quality is a never-compromising factor for us that are achieved through rigorous quality measures, streamlined & scrutinized manufacturing process & thorough testing of finished curly fries, french fryer cutter products. We have a team of professional that check every fine detail & property of Ribbon fry Manufacturer prior to delivery.

We have advanced french fries manufacturing factory fully equipped with the latest Spiral friesfryer machinery to facilitate our production. Our efficient workforce makes optimum use of the resources available in house as well as from our associates involved with us to achieve high quality French fries maker products.

Repair & Maintenance/ After sales services: We also offer repair, maintenance & service of our french fryer tornado cutter products to enhance their productivity & increase their life. Our engineers are just a phone call away in case of any requirement arises regarding product performance.
Our french fryer smilies Slicer is checked at each stage and the final Spiral Fry Cutter products are tested against stringent commercial quality standards ensuring timely delivery in the process. Just Ribbon french fryer Fries is a French fries machine frying and dispensing French Fries in no time. These appreciated snacks are fried on demand in Restaurants and manual, and dispensed hot and crispy. Just curly fries offers for choices of French fries on sausage which is dispensed in a little box together with a napkin and a small fork.

. Easy to refill.
. It uses standard frozen pre-fried french fryeres on bamboo skewer 6x6 cut.
. It admits different payment systems.
. With communication display in four languages.

The solution french fryer cutter machine, french fryer Fries can be placed at different indoor and outdoor locations such as domestic, commercial, shopping malls, airports, vending stores, Universities, Stadiums and Sports Centres, Crowded streets, Restaurants, beach walks, etc.

Rest aura Technology is the Ribbon French fryer manufacturer and patent owner of this state of the Spiral Fry machine. Rest aura Technology is a french fries french fryer company, with offices in USA and factory in New york.

Distributors from different countries are always welcomed.

FRESH FRENCH FRYER French fries capacity: 120-150kgs/h
1 SCREW Slicer 1 PC
3. French fries MACHINE 1 PC
4. french fryer cutter
5. Smilies French fryer Slicer MACHINE 1 PC
6. Ribbon French fryer MACHINE 1 PC

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