FTS-3020 Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Reaction Evaluation Equipment

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FTS-3020, designed with computer engineering system, is a kind of individual, integrated device for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalysts evaluation and is also a tool for indirect study of coal to oil transformation. It can give the real-time results automatically and continuously, such as conversion, selectivity, natural life and so on. In addition, the real-time parameters of pressure, flux and temperature are recorded at the same time.

The device is suitable for non-diluted sample and can be controlled by heating and cooling at the same time for the strong heat resistance. It contains the mixer, pre-heating trap, heating trap, cooling trap and refrigeration system.

The reactants CO and H2 flow through mixer, pre-heating trap (individually controlled) and buffer (temperature-programmed, individually controlled) and then enter to the reactor, which can be easily cooled down with a cooler system from interior or/and exterior depending on the reaction conditions. A double-stage heating trap (temperature controllable) is connected to the reactor outlet, and there are warm air blowers located between the reactor and heating trap and between heating trap and drain valve. Besides these, cycle refrigeration system is used for the cooling trap, which is further connected to back pressure valve.

It is available to choose the six-valve sampling and online chromatograph detection in front or at the end of the reactor. The outlet gas discharges to inside or outside through three valve from the back pressure valve.

Main technical index:

Sample volume: 0~100 ml,

H2 flow rate: 0~50 l/min,

CO flow rate: 0~50 l/min,

Reaction pressure: 0~10 MPa,

Pre-heater temperature: r.t. ~600 oC,

Reaction temperature: r.t. ~600 oC,

Incubator temperature: r.t. ~250 oC,

Hot trap temperature: r.t. ~600 oC,

Cold trap temperature: -20 oC~ r.t.

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