Fuel oil pressure inspection subassembly

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It is necessary to test fuel pressure during trouble shooting of fuel Injection system, and there are two reasons for this. On the one hand, too high fuel pressure during engine operation would make mixed gas of engine too thick, which would cause improper function of engine, incomplete combustion of gas, increase of carbon deposits and nonconforming tail gas, etc. While on the other hand, too low fuel pressure during engine operation would make mixed gas too thin, which would cause ablation of injector, overheat of engine; furthermore, piston, piston ring, connecting rod and crank axle would be damaged, and as a result, the cars wouldnu2019t work. YZR-70C Type Fuel Pressure Test Kit is a necessary tool for repairing and maintaining injection system of engine.

1. Uses

YZR-70B Type Fuel Pressure Test Kit can be used to test fuel supply system, such as fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, fuel pipe, fuel pump and fuel nozzle, etc. It can be applied to many cars produced by Volkswagen, Ford, Hongda, Cadillac, and so on.

Product Feature
Main technical parameters

Measuring range: 0-100psi (0-7 bar)

Product Specification / Models
Other Information
3. Test methods of fuel system

(1). Different connectors can be combined with gauge outfits for different cars.

2). Relieve pressure on fuel system according to procedures listed in car maintenance manual. As for most cars, first fuel pump shall be switched off, start engine until the fuel pump is stopped. Note: As for a car with more than one fuel pump, all the fuel pumps shall be stopped.

(3). When the engine is stopped, connect fuel pressure pipeline to fuel pressure gauge

4). Turn on ignition switch, and turn it off after ten seconds, afterward turn it on again, and turn it off after ten seconds. Continue such cycle operation until the fuel pressure of fuel system reaches the standard set by the Company. If fuel pressure fails to reach the standard set by the Company, turn on the ignition switch for 2-3 times. If the fuel pressure still fails to reach the standard range set by the Company, start the engine. If fuel pressure still canu2019t increase, repair and maintain the car according to car maintenance manual.

Note: pls not exceed the times of normal fuel testing. Cause the engine will have more gasoline and Caused an abnormal situation after done more times of testing.

(5). Idle the engine and read out the indication of fuel pressure gauge. If fuel pressure fails to reach the standard set by the range of Company standerd, repair and maintain the car.

(6). Turn off the ignition switch and stop the engine.

(7). Take down the fuel pressure gauge, and reinstall the fuel supply pipe.

4. Points for attention

1. After it is used, fuel drain pipe of fuel pressure gauge shall still be in fuel container.

2. Loosen the nut of connector and relieve fuel pressure until the reading of fuel pressure gauge reaches 0.

3. Shake fuel test tube to ensure that all fuel shall be treated safely.

4. Take down the hose of fuel pressure gauge from fuel test port or fuel pipe.

5. Maintenance

1. There shall be no corrosive gas or flame in operational environment.

2. This type of fuel pressure test kit shall be stored in a well ventilated place to prevent any damage or other bad results.

3. Clear away all oozed fuel immediately after the pressure test kit is used.

4. The guarantee period is half a year since it is bought.

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