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GAS.SAVE PLUS is a CATALYCTIC INJECTOR that is attached to the INTAKE MANIFOLD of our engine. It VAPORIZES IN FINE TUNE the air in fuel mixture to the correct STOICHIOMETRIC ratio (14.6 parts air to 1 part fuel). Then it distributes this vaporized in correct mixture UNIFORMLY in ABUNDANTLY to the COMBUSTION CHAMBERS. Moreover it DESINTEGRATED and EXPELS the CARBON DEPOSITS ACCUMULATED in the combustion chamber thus more air in FUEL MIXTURE can enter the combustion chambers, which otherwise, would have been left outside the combustion chambers and wasted. As a result of all these perfect combustion is attained in your engine will GAIN up to 50% higher fuel yield/savings, 20% more TORQUE for power in faster acceleration, 90% LESS POLLUTION, thus 30% LESS MAINTENANCE COST @ 30% LONGER ENGINE LIFE. The minimum level of saving gas is 20 to 35 %. The variation is cost by deferent models and brand of cars also the condition of vehicles is end, and the drivers is also mean causes for variation of gas saving. To safeguard your investment we give a money back guaranty if our gadget does not work.

Used on all types of engines even fuel injected.

Also used in old and new cars, jeeps, trucks, motorcycle, boats or even static engines.

Product Feature
How Does GAS.SAVE Reduce Pollution ?

Because GAS.SAVE catalyctic injection fine tune air and fuel mixture to the chemically correct ratio (Stoichiometric) and vaporize and distribute this uniformly to all the cylinders, ideal if not perfect combustion is attained thus unburned fuel and the other main causes of air pollution like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other carbon oxide are minimized if not all together terminated by up to 95%.

How Does GAS.SAVE Gives Additional Horse Power ?

GAS.SAVE's catalyctic injector uses the elements in the air to fine tune the fuel and air mixture to the stoichiometric ratio (chemically correct 14:6 parts of air to 1 fuel gas); thus maximum vaporation and combustion of the fuel is achieved. However, burst acceleration and deceleration require constantly changing air to fuel ratio, and this is when GAS.SAVE's catalyctic injector chemically adjust and help supply exactly the right mixture (lean or rich) at the right time so that the engine can run powerfully and smoothly (up to 20 HP additional).

How Does GAS.SAVE Saves Fuel ?

The catalyst of GAS.SAVE combimes with the elements in the air to chemically activate the fuel and air mixture rushing into the intake manifold and assist vaporize and distribute this vaporized fuel and air mixture uniformly to all cylinders of the engine. Moreover it also converts the unwanted carbon during combustion into usable gases. All of these positive chemical reaction results to greater fuel yield of up to 2 to 4 Km per liter of fuel.

How Does GAS.SAVE Reduce Maintenance Cost ?

The improved combustion resulting to less pollution also causes the oil in the engine to remain clean for a period of time and does the spark plugs and fuel injector resulting to reduced wear and tear of the engine due to friction. In addition, the downtime change oil and replace spark plugs and calibrate the fuel injector are minimized. All these result to a longer engine life and considerable maintenance savings over a period of time ( 50% more or less).

Used on all types of engines even fuel injected.

Also used in old and new cars, jeeps, trucks, motorcycle, boats or even static engines.

Product Specification / Models

MEDIUM SIZE for CAR USE up to 1500CC

LARGE SIZE for CAR USE up to 2900CC

JUMBO SIZE for CAR USE up to 3000CC & above
Application / Models
SPEED PLUS Mileage Enhancer is installed at the intake manifold of engines. Used on all types of engines even fuel injected. Also used in old and new cars, jeeps, trucks, motorcycle, boats or even static engines.

Get rid of gasoline price worries...Save up to 50% with SPEED PLUS Fuel Saving Device

Our Company is a duly registered manufacturing and marketing company in the Philippine producing a device that improves FUEL COMBUSTION of any internal combustion engine. The device was invented 10 years ago to MAXIMIZE an engines' performance at a fraction of the usual cost of the popular HOT RODDING techniques. Besides giving 10-20% added engine power it also gives 1.) 20-50% added mileage/savings, 2.) 95% Less Air Pollution, 3.) Less 30%
Maintenance Cost, 4.) 30% Longer engine life.

FUEL SAVING DEVICE is a catalytic converter uses the elements in the air to fine tune the fuel & air mixture entering the intake manifold to the chemically correct (stoichiometric) ratio (14.7 parts air to 1 part gas). More it distributes this mixture uniformly to all the cylinders of the engine. and recycles the unburned carbons into usable gases thus giving a higher fuel yield. During burst of acceleration and deceleration FUEL SAVING DEVICE chemically adjusts & help supply exactly the right fuel and air mixture (lean or rich) at the right time so that the engine can run powerfully, economically and without the air pollutants that results from poorly mixed, distributed and burned fuel.


* Fuel savings (gas and diesel)
* Longer engine life
* Quick acceleration with added torque
* Less maintenance cost
* Benefits visible upon installation
* One year replacement guarantee
* Durable; steel stainless; effective life 5-10 years
* Easily removable & washable filter tip
* Transferable from one vehicle to another

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