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GHRP-6 5mg / vial - set of 10 vials

Laboratory Peptides laboratory

Form : Injection

Ingredients : GHRP-6

Focus: 5 mg / vial-kit 10 vials

Introduction Kit of 10 vials

Dosage : Take a minimum of 200 mcg per day can be up to three daily injections of 200 mcg (600mcg)

Type : Cycle weight loss: reducing body fat (abdominal fat) and Ground at the same time

To couple to cycle fat loss with : HGH Fragment 176-191 + CJC-1295

To couple to cycle through fat loss with : HGH Fragment 176-191 + CJC-1295 + IGF1 LR3

In a couple for making cycle starting mass CJC-1295 ...

In a couple for making cycle through mass : GHRP-2 + CJC-1295 + IGF-1 LR3 ...

For coupling to an anti-aging cycle with : GHRP-2 Ipamorelin, CJC-1295 ...

Protection : No need protectionLevel All Users

The positive points of GHRP-6

Increased muscle mass

Increased strength and endurance

Decrease in body fat

Contributes to the growth of bone tissue

Give liver secrete IGF-1, which helps to burn body fat and increase muscle

Anti-aging peptide (anti-aging)

Enhances the immune response

Strengthens joints, connective tissues, and body mass

Rapid effect on ghrelin, which is linked to weight gain and resistance to insulin

Dieters looking to lose body fat

Older dieters who are eager anti-aging benefits

The negative points of GHRP-6

Injections must be made via an empty stomach

Wait 2 hours after consumption of calories

Injecting from 1 to 3 times per day

Water retention


Increased hunger

Best advice Steroid Shop

We advise you to take GHRP-6 at least 3 months, for not to exceed against taking more than 6 months.

We recommend you to one injection per day of at least 200 mcg of GHRP-6, preferably combined with CJC-1295 100-300 mcg per day or CJC-1295 DAC 2mg per week. (You can also add the IGF 1 LR 3).

All peptides can be mixed and injected into the same syringe without any problems. Many users mix 2-3 or more peptides in the same syringe to reduce their number of daily injections. This will not reduce the effectiveness of the product or cause problematic interactions.

Sample injection and preparation

Dose injection: 200mcg

Injections per vial: 25 x 200mcg 5mg dosages for bottle.

Amount to Inject: If you used 2 ml of water to the mixture, 200mcg = 0.08ml (8 units on insulin syringe) and if you used 3ml of water to the mixture, 200mcg = 0.12ml (12 units on the syringe insulin).


GHRP-6 is provided as a powder in vials. The injection should be applied under the skin in areas of fat kind (on beads), thighs or buttocks or muscle areas like the biceps or shoulder with an insulin syringe. However, injections should be taken on an empty stomach (wait 2 hours after consumption of calories). Furthermore, GHRP-6 has to be taken between 1-3 times per day, depending on the expected target. If the goal is to feel the peptide anti-aging benefits, then he or she should take the dose once a day. But if the goal is to reduce body fat and achieve muscle building, he or she should do 2-3 injections per day.

Growth Hormone Releasing hexapeptide, GHRP-6 in short, is a peptide and is among the hormones of the growth factors. It is composed of 28 amino acids and is a real human growth hormone (HGH) secretagogue that stimulates the secretion of body growth hormone (GH). Basically, GHRP-6 shows the body to produce more HGH and IGF-1, which in turn promotes food intake.

GHRP-6 a growth hormone releasing hexapeptide. GH refers to growth hormone, so that the function of the peptide GHRP-6 is to assist in the release of growth hormone in the body. GHRP-6 is a synthetic peptide that was created to help stimulate the body's natural process.

The hexapeptide GHRP-6 is an analogue of the Met-enkephalin. Met-enkephalin is an opioid peptide that occurs naturally in the body. GHRP-6 contains amino acids that have been developed in order to help promote the release of growth hormone in the body. GHRP-6 with growth hormone release because it works with ghrelin and insulin secretagogues to activate the pituitary gland, which is how the g
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