GPS fuel level sensor

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Product Description
Products adopt is imported from overseas non-contact measurement ultrasonic transducer technology, widely used in detecting displacement, thickness, distance, fuel level, material level, and transparency, suitable for measuring of liquid level, gaseous media and volume.
Product Feature
1. High accuracy: the resolution of the measurement of oil level height is 0.2 mm, Level Height Accuracy is 3 mm, at the same time temperature correction between -40 degree and 80, ensure that the equipment under the external environment of high temperature and cold, can guarantee higher accuracy;

2. Good long-term stability: fuel sensor adopt the method of ultrasonic measurement, a non-contact measurement, different from the current widely used direct contact of the float type, pressure type, magnetic sliding method, so as to avoid corrosion and pollution by fuel, and keep the long-term stability of the measurement;

3. Easy installation and maintenance: only need to install the sensor below the external tank, don't need change the original tank measuring system, don't need to make hole and change oil tank, and make sure the normal operation of the original car oil gauge;

4. Environmental protection no pollution, little energy consumption, non-contact measurement, don't need to make hole or tank modification cause to oil dirt and contamination.

5. Strong reliability: still work normally under the harsh environment, moisture proof, acid proof, flame retardant, anti-interference, and intelligent. This product can be used separately through data screen view directly, also be used with GPS devices, through the GPS device to transmit data to the server for data statistics, analysis and query statements.
Product Specification / Models
1. Capacitance: Easily affected by the oil produce error; Do not produce electric spark; Punching installation.

2. Resistance-type: Mechanical measurement, error and lag, easy to corrosion, pollution because of long-term contact with oil , affect the accuracy of measurement, installation must be punched the tank.

3. Flow meter type: Need to truncate the oil tube, inability to measure the amount of fuel charge, can only measure the usage amount, inconvenient calculation and management.

4. Reed pipe type: Low output accuracy; big effect by the measurement media and power voltage fluctuation of temperature; Components easy to magnetization; Measurement data are greatly influenced by fluctuations in the oil level and oil pollution, can't not make field fabrication installation according to the height of the fuel tank .

5. Float type: the fuel can only be used for fuzzy instructions, cannot be used for oil metering, level of oil pollution of thin film resistance, power supply voltage, the mechanical structure, lubricity, etc., the reason of product itself, make larger influence on the long-term stability of the output value.

6. Ultrasonic type: using the non-contact ultrasonic measuring technology, high measuring accuracy, resistant to corrosion, anti-pollution, anti-explosion, easy installation, high stability, wide application.
Application / Models
widely used in detecting displacement, thickness, distance, fuel level, material level, and transparency, suitable for measuring of liquid level, gaseous media and volume.
Other Information
Application Range

The product is geared to all kinds of vehicles, such as (logistics cars, taxis, buses, commuter trains, etc.), to digital records vehicle refueling, the fuel situation, prevent the oil theft, avoid the waste of resources, improve operating efficiency, and traffic safety, strengthen the operation management of high-tech products.
Xi'an ESM Tech Co.,Ltd launch its journey as a quality products manufacturer. We are currently producing precision series of products like ultrasonic sensors, temperature sensors, load cells, stress sensors, displacement sensors, proximity sensors, material level monitoring meters, and flow meters etc.
A core of highly profession and experience engineers are engaged with us for research and development process. Our range of equipment boundary expanded recently to GPS tracking equipment that able to detect vehicles even pets and moving objects.

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Fuel level sensor leveling gauge for machine diesel oil level sensor,liquid tank level sensor

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Fuel Level Sensor Leveling Gauge, Machine Diesel Oil Level Sensor, Liquid Tank Level Sensor

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