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iTest Cardiac Marker

iTest Immune and Quantitative Analysis System

The Platform of Rapid Test of Cardiac Marker POCT

GR200 Immune and Quantitative Analyzer + Cardiac Marker Reagent

GR200 Immune and Quantitative Analysis System

GR200 Immune and Quantitative Analyzer
Product Feature
The principle of Test

The instrument analyzes the result through the photoelectric sensing technology,obtain a final,quantitative result for test.

The Characteristics of Instrument

The function of selection for sample type,solving the difference for sample,the result is more accurate.

With two kinds of modes for test,enabling to realize batch for test.

Storage space of large capacity,enabling the result of test for large quantity.

A platform is application to a variety of test items,fit the the need of clinical rapid diagnosis.

The Test of Myocardial Infarction and Damage.
Product Specification / Models
Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Myocardial Three ItemsTroponin I ( cTnI ) Myoglobin ( Myo ) Creatine Kinase ( CK-MB )

4-8 hours,rising

8-16 hours,reaching the peak

5-10 days,returning to normal level 1-3 hours,rising

4-8 hours,reaching the peak

20-36 hours,returning to normal level 3-8 hours,rising

8-24 hours,reaching the peak

3 days,returning to normal levels

The Gold Standard of Test of Myocardial Damage The Important Index of Exclusion of AMI Early Negative / The Most Sensitive Index of Recrudescent Test for AMI The Marker of Non-Q-wave Myocardial Infarction / The Ideal Marker of Interventional Therapy for Myocardial Damage

+ + + AMI occurs within 12 hour.

+ + - AMI occurs more than 12 hours.

+ - + Basicly,can make sure to occur AMI.

+ - - AMI occurs in 24-96 hours.

- + + Muscle or myocardial damage in the early stage,recommended to test continuously within 4-8 hours.

- + - Muscle or myocardial damage in the early stage,recommended to test continuously within 4-8 hours.

- - + Muscle or myocardial damage in the early stage,recommended to test continuously within 4-8 hours.

- - - AMI doesn't occur if still suspec,can test continuously within 2-4 hours.

The Advice for Combined Application of Cardiac Marker

1. The Significance for Joint Test of Myocardial Infarction Three Item ( cTnI / Myo / CK-MB )

Diagnosis of ACS in the early stage ;

Prognostic assessment and risk stratification for ACS ;

Testing the degree of myocardial damage caused by cardiac surgery ;

Estimating the size for Myocardial infarction ;

AMI thrombolytic and marker of interventional therapy.

2. When testing the acute myocardial infarction,H-FABP is "gold partner" of cTnI.H-FABP cTnI Significance

+ + Myocardial infarction exists.

+ - May be an early stage of myocardial infarction,need to monitor continuously.

- + Myocardial infarction exist,and its time may be more than 6 hours.

- - Testing again after 1-2 hours,can exclude myocardial infarction if still negative.

The Advice for Usage of Myocardial Damage Marker

<2Hours H-FABP+Myo

2-6Hours H-FABP+Myo+cTnI+CK-MB

4-8Hours cTnI+CK-MB

>8Hours cTnI

Introduction of Product and Clinical Application

Emergency Department

Distinguishing and diagnosis for acute expiratory dyspnea.

Early diagnosis for acute myocardial infarction.

Pediatrics / Neonatology Department

Auxiliary diagnosis and monitor of asphyxia neonatorum.

Auxiliary diagnosis of viral myocarditis for children.

Nephrology Department

Monitoring myocardial damage for patient of Chronic renal failure.

Cardiorenal syndrome related to heart failure.

Department of Cardiology / Internal Medicine

Distinguishing and diagnosis for heart failure,prognosis judgement and guide treatment.

Early diagnosis for acute myocardial infarction,recurrent monitoring,guide treatment.

Auxiliary diagnosis,guide treatment,prognosis evaluation for coronary syndrome.


Screening for perioperative and postoperative cardiovascular risk.

The Platform of Test for Cardiac Marker

Central Laboratory



Community Care

Private Clinic
Application / Models
The Platform of Test for Cardiac Marker

Central Laboratory



Community Care

Private Clinic
Shenzhen Bio Cup BioTech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises of biological medicine which professionally devotes ourselves to researching and developing,producing the clinical reagent of in vitro diagnostic,we passed the certification of quality management system ISO 9000 : 2000 and ISO 13485 : 2003 of quality management system in 2006.We invest a great sum of money to establish a production plant of 1000 square meter which reaches the standard of national GMP, purification plant of 10,000 class,and the specialised laboratory which is used for researching and developing,producing and controlling the quality of reagent of in vitro diagnostic.The registered capital of our company is 30 million RMB,the business area of our company reaches 2,600 square meter,among,the GMP standard factory is about 1000 square meters for in vitro diagnostic reagent.We possess a number of technology platforms of proprietary intellectual property rights : technology of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay,colloidal gold-labeled assay,clinical biochemical analysis and allergen analysis,and we achieve a number of national patents.The goal of company is to become the best manufacturer for in vitro diagnostic reagent in China.Obedience to the design concept of product " Fast,Convenient,Low-cost,High-performance ",make the unremitting effort and contribution for human health career.

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