H703 Ion Detoxify Foot Spa With Infrared Waist Belt

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Luminum box
Product Description
Main Features/Function:

1, far infrared waist belt. Adopt traditional bamboo carbon, combine chinese and western,can achieve physical therapy ,loss weight and beauty effect.

2, luxury aluminium packge.look more Speciality, refinement .

3, the brainpower code manage can help you economization manpower and cost.you can open the shop as you like.and the code is very easy to remember.

Product Feature
Main Features/Function:

1, far infrared waist belt. Adopt traditional bamboo carbon, combine chinese and western,can achieve physical therapy ,loss weight and beauty effect.

2, luxury aluminium packge.look more Speciality, refinement .

3, the brainpower code manage can help you economization manpower and cost.you can open the shop as you like.and the code is very easy to remember.

Product Specification / Models




VOLTAGE: 110V/220V


CURRENT: 0.5- 2.5A


OUTER PACKING:ordinarily paper carton

Application / Models
for a group of people
Other Information
A. How Does Ionization Work?

A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecule takes on a negative charge. As you walk along the beach, your body absorbs millions of these negatively charged ions, which alkalize the blood and tissue. Because of poor diet and high stress, we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products, such as diacetic, lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic, acetic, butyric, and hepatic acids.

B. Patients and practitioners of the system have reported many great effects from using the system. They include:

> Increased joint movement

> Joint pain relieve from arthritis

> Better sleep

> A better well being

> Increased energy

C. Operation

1. To begin, plug in the power cord, the array, and the wrist strap into the machine. Next, put the array into the wash pan filled with water, and put on the wrist strap. Finally, turn on the power.

2. When you turn on the power switch, the screen shown is as follows

Enter Time 10-30

Time=30 V3.0

Default time is Time=30 minutes. To adjust for more or less time, use the (+) or (-) key,. Press (ENT) button. The time operation is as follows

Time=06:28 pos+

T=30 M=3 E=3.0

Time=06:28 pos+ positive polarity , pos- negative polarity T=30 minutes time , M=3 mode three , E=1.0 current output , The instrument automatic turns off when the timer ends.

3. During initial operation, mode 3 is default. The current output is selected by choosing a different mode. The current output is as follows: Mode 1=0.6 amps, Mode 2=0.8 amps, Mode 3=1.0 amps. To select a different Mode, press (-) or (+) key. Pressing (ESC) will return to menu. Because there are differences in local water quality, it may be necessary to add a pinch of salt to the water to maintain the desired current output.

4. This product has the recorded time and the number of times function. When you need to examine the record, simultaneously press (1) and (ENT) on the keypad, and turn on the power switch. This time the screen reads:

00298 Mins

93 Time

The first line shows total operating time, the second line shows the total numbers of times the machine has been used. When the machine has achieved 10 minutes time, it will counts as one use. Use (ESC) to go back to the menu.

5. To delete the time and counter, press (2) and (ENT). and turn on the power switch. This time the screen reveals:


Clear Contents

the default password is " 666666" then press (ENT) The display reads:



Press (ESC) to return to the menu.

6. To make your own password, press (3) and (ENT). and turn on the power switch.The display reads:


Change Password

First, input the original six numbers, (666666) and press (ENT), this time the screen reveals:


New PAS:123456

Now input your new password, a six number password, and press (ESC). Remember your new password. The display should be the menu.

7. In the following cases, the machine will make sounds or an error character will show on the screen.

a ) The array is not in the water or the array is broken.

b ) The wrist strap is not wrapped in the proper way or the wrist strap is broken.

c ) The current power is more than 2.5 amps.

8. At any time, you may use the bamboo charcoal, far infrared waistband. Connect the waistband to the machine, put the waistband tightly around your belly, turn on the infrared power switch, choose mode L(low), M(medium),or H(high) to start far infrared massage

D. Attention

> Do not touch power while your hand is wet, please pay attention to your personal safety.

> Avoid striking the machine.

> Use clean cloth to polish the dust on the machine's surface, do not use any chemicals.

> Be gentle when pressing the keys to protect the machine under normal use.

> You must prop up the machine with the handle while the machine is operating.

E. Troubleshooting

Malfunction: Technician

LCD screen does not illuminate: Check the power cord, check for blown fuse

The array does not work: Replace the array
Honghao Electronic Technology CO.,LTD(Honghao Technology) is a leading health care electronics provider.Founded in 1999, is located has a long cultural history and beautiful Huangpu District, Guangzhou, is a patented an dregistered trademark of high- tech enterprise.Our products have passed CE, FCC, UL, ROHSa number of inte rnational certification. In the domestic market, is awa rded honorary titles such as "quality, service, and AAA credit enterprise", "3.15 credit enterprise" ,"National Health Industry Quality assured the first brand of choice" etc.

Honghao combines modern and latest Chinese Medicine achievements, long-term focus on plasma technology, infrared technology, ultrasound technology, laser technology in health care, massage, reha bilitation, development and application of therapeutic areas, dedicated to various types of health electronic systems solutions, and with the electronic program development, PCB board development, product design, appearance and structure of the comprehensive advantages, Honghao Technology has be come the industry leader.

Honghao Technology has strong technical force, well-appointed production equipment, sound mana gement. With the help of U.S. Human body health care Consumer Electronics Association and Engineering Dept, South China University of Technology, has established a engineering team,which covers industrial design, microcontroller programming, PCB board development, product structure design and mold development. Through the introduction of advanced production technology and high precision inspection equipment, adhere to” high starting point, high quality, high specialization” principle, establish efficient cooperation, inovation, customer first, quality first quality policy.Company carries out ISO9000 quality management system and 7s management standards, to make sure good and stable quality.

"Pursuit of perfection, seeking increasing perfection," standardized and efficient after-sales service is also one of the core competitiveness of Honghao Technology, Honghao Technology has taken on a standardized service system, to provide customers with timely, efficient technical support and security as as a matter of priority. Company provides consulting include product features, material selection, product technology explanation, product knowledge forum, technical training etc, more than 20 specialized services. Company also set up a dedicated customer service center, through warm and thoughtful atitude of techcal enginers and service personel, is ready to respond to customer demand for service.

At present, Honghao Technology independently developed HOOLILY series , including Ion Cleanse Detoxify Instrument;Laser Detox Machine,Ionized Water Machine,Infrared Blood Circulation Instrument,Infrared Massage Foot Bathtub,Light & Sound Machines,Low-frequency therapy Instrument, Power Massor etc ,ell well in the United States, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Southeast Asia, Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more than 100 countries and regions,domestic market has grown at 30% every year.

Honghao Technology always innovatie science and technology ,to improve human health , beautiful life for the mission, loyalty to service customers around the world. 

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