Hand-push Hot-melt Pedestrian Marking Machine

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Product Description
DY-HPT-I/II Road Marking Machine is a hand-push thermoplastic type road marking equipment. This road marking machine can mark straight and beautiful road line, best for small sized urban road line marking. The DY-HPT-I type Pedestrian Marking Machine is different from DY-HPT-II type in that the knife components and the external body of the hopper adopt high-quality domestic material; the wheel rim and the bracket of the directional rear wheel and the hopper storage are produced by gravity casting; the glass beads tube, the gas pipe, the bearing and the components of road paints heating system are domestic high-quality parts.
Product Feature

1. A firm welded frame is made of hard aluminum alloy, with corrosion and heat resistance, after high speed imported, the whole hand-push thermoplastic machine more lightsome and convenient.
2. Knife component of marking shoe is screeding structure that is made of imported excellent alloy steel with heat resistance, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, and the outside structure parts and relative movable parts are made of imported special steels sheet with heat resistance (2000 centigrade degree), oxidation-resistance and anti-deformation, much better stability.
3. The automatic quantitative glass beads dispenser synchronous with the screeding marking system ensure the spray of glass beads more even and economical.
4. Advanced Thermoplastic Pedestrian Marking Machine scraping apply structure can mark the line straight and beautiful.
5. Advanced hydraulic drive system can be flexible control of moving forward, backward and stop.
6. Rear wheel directional device can ensure the road-marking machine moving in straight lines and turning freely on incurved road.
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Product Specification / Models
Paint tank capacity, 55 L
Glass beads bin, 12 L
Heating Mode: LPG, infrared burner, LPG, direct-fired burner
Knife underframe material, Carbon steel Ductile alloy
Marking equipment: Manual screeding marking shoe, standard configuration 150mm
pressure casting: gravity casting
Marking Width: 100mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm (at customers' option)
Marking Thickness: 1.8-3.0mm (adjustable)
Dimensions: (L*W*H) 1210mmu00d7890mmu00d7970mm
Weight: 165kg
Optional system: DY-RB-II roll booster

Application / Models

Hot melt type is most common road lines in China, short, construction time and with high wear resistance and relative low cost. Lines of road, factory road, the parking lot, underground garage crossing, school road, living quarters and other road surface construction projects, are divided into cold paint and hot melt marking paint two kinds.
The special cold paint can be used for artificial coating, with uniform thickness and good color clarity, including parking spaces, no-parking yellow line area, channel lanes, diversion belt and guiding arrows.
Construction process of hot melt line markings
1, Reflective hot melt marking, use glass beads paint, petroleum resin hot melt paint.
2, the coating is heated in hot melt machine, melt temperature was controlled at 180 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees, and stirred for about 10 minutes after the coating.
3, the marker position and the measured position specified according to the design and graphics icons, and then coated in the figure labeled primer paint.
4, the primer is dry hot melt coating can be carried out at the same time spreading paint marking reflective glass beads, increased nighttime identifiable markings, thickness 1.5-1.8mm.

Other Information

The structural composition of thermoplastic road marking paint

Hot melt road marking paint is mainly composed of synthetic resin, glass beads, colored pigments, timber fillers, and other additives. The hot-melt coating is with fast drying character for the thermoplastic characteristics of synthetic resin. The melt adhesion of a synthetic resin makes hot-melt paint a strong adhesive with the road surface. Additives in the coating paint increases the coating plasticity, improving the anti-settling, anti-pollution, anti-tarnish. Marking paint colors mainly are yellow and white. The white marking paint mainly contains titanium white, zinc oxide, lithopone, while the yellow paint is mainly heat-yellowing lead. And the filling materials of road paint can affect the mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and hue of the coating film. Particle size of the paint powder will have influence of the flow, sedimentation and also affected the surface processing. Coating glass beads were added in order to improve the identification at night, and improve brightness and durability of the marking. Glass bead is a colorless, transparent pellet, with refraction of light, and light focus, and directional reflection function. The glass beads were mixed with or spreading on the surface of the coatings, can reflect the light back to the car driver's eyes, thus greatly improving the visibility of the markings.

Thermoplastic road marking paint: http://www.dyroadmark.com/thermoplastic-road-marking-paint.html

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