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Product Description
1) high pressure heat pipe solar water heater/geyser

2) Manufacture since 1998

3) Free training, no worry

4) 5-year warranty, free replacement

5) One-stop solution & service

6) OEM & design service offered

7) 10L-600L water tank available

8) AAA, BV, SGS, ISO9001-2008, CE,

Product Feature

The Skylight solar storage tank must be integrated with the solar evacuated tubes;

The Skylight system has to be installed on the ground or on the top of the roof;

The Skylight water coming down for shower is because of the pressure of the city water;

Product Specification / Models


Heat pipe evacuated tubes, solar storage tank and support

Technical data:

Skylight Evacuated Tube Specifications:

1. Length (nominal):1800mm

2. Outer tube diameter: 58mm

3. Inner tube diameter: 47mm

4. Glass thickness:1.8mm/2.0mm

5. Thermal expansion: 3.3x10-6 u00b0C

6. Material: Borosilicate Glass 3.3

7. Absorptive Coating: Graded Al-N/Al

8. Absorptance: >93% (AM1.5)

9. Emittance: <8% (80u00b0C)

10. Vacuum: P<5x10-3 Pa

11. Stagnation Temperature :>200u00b0C

12. Heat Loss :< 0.8W/ ( m2u00b0C )

13. Maximum Strength: 0.8MPa

14. Start-up temperature:≤25u00b0C

15. Anti hail:≤u00d8 25mm

16. Weight: 2.2kg

17. Skylight Package: 1880*330*170(10pcs)1880*280*170(8pcs)

18. Special tube like 100mm or 120mm tubes are also available against request

Heat pipe specification

Material: tTU1

Wall thicknesst0.6mm

Temperature can bear(Centigrade)t220

Start up time: t30S

Start up temperature:t25 Centigrade

Diameter and length of condensert16mm/55cm

Diameter of the tube bodyt8mm

Vacuum degree: t4*10-3Pa-4*10-4Pa

Heat resistance: t0.02Centigrade/W

Heat transfer rate:t>=150w

Best angle of use: t30-60 degree

Max. working pressure: t4MPa

Max. pressure the welding point can bear: t4 Mpa

Temperature range of anti freezing heat pipe: t-30Centigrade-300Centigrade

Life expectationt15 years

Warrantyt5 years

Tank and Frame Specifications:

1) Volume: 100L, 150L, 180L, 200L, 220L, 250L

Inner tank material and thickness: SUS304 2B /1.2mm

2) Outer shell material and thickness: Color steel/0.5mm OR SUS304/0.5mm

3) Insulation material and thickness: CFC free Polyurethane/55mm

4) Frame material and thickness: Galvanized steel/1.5mm OR SUS304/1.3mm

5) Size of the holes: G1/2 OR G3/4

6) Electrical heater: Available against request, 1500W, 2000W or 3000W

7) Magnesium rod: Available against request

8) Controller: Available against request: SP25, SP26, SPI, SPII, SPIII

9) Guarantee: 3 years for galvanized steel support, 5 years for solar storage tank and evacuated tubes

Working Principle

EVACUATED tubes are the absorber of the solar water heater. They absorb solar energy converting it into heat for use in water heating. Evacuated tubes have been invented in China by Professor Yin Zhiqiang and have already been used for years in Germany, Canada, China and the UK. There are several types of evacuated tubes in use in the solar industry. Skylight uses the most common "twin-glass tube". This type of tube is chosen for its reliability, performance and low manufacturing cost.

EACH Skylight evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes made from extremely strong borosilicate glass. The outer tube is transparent allowing light rays to pass through with minimal reflection. The inner tube is coated with a special selective coating (Al-N/Al) which features excellent solar radiation absorption and minimal reflection properties. The top of the two tubes are fused together and the air contained in the space between the two layers of glass is pumped out while exposing the tube to high temperatures. This "evacuation" of the gasses forms a vacuum, which is an important factor in the performance of the evacuated tubes.

CONVECTIVE Skylight movement of the liquid starts when liquid in the loop is heated, causing it to expand and become less dense, and thus more buoyant than the cooler water in the bottom of the loop. Convection moves heated liquid upwards in the system as it is simultaneously replaced by cooler liquid returning by gravity. Ideally, the liquid flows easily because a good thermosiphon should have very little hydraulic resistance.


1. Uni-directional heat transmission

2. Can start from lower temperature

3. Faster transmission

4. Lower heat capacity

5. Low temperature resistance

6. Freeze-proofing

7. High frequency soldering inner tank

8. Rating pressure is 0.6Mpa, 0.4Mpa separately, can connect directly with the city water system

9. No water in the vacuum tubes eradicates the incrustation scale, thus keeping them running in high efficiency,

10. No water in the vacuum tubes eradicates t
Application / Models
solar thermal or water heater
Established in 1998, Changzhou Skylight New Energy Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer that integrates the developing, manufacturing and marketing of solar energy products together.

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