High Quality Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) Cellulose Ether

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High Quality Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) Cellulose Ether

Brief introduction:
Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) helps building materials apply more easily and perform better. They provide water retention and cohesiveness to mixtures. With special modification, it can be used to control thickening, water demand, workability, sag resistance, strength and other important properties of the final product.

It is widely used as thickener, adhesive, water preserving agent, film-foaming agent in building materials, industrial coatings, synthetic resin, ceramic industry, medicine, food, textile, agricultural, cosmetic and other industries.
Physical and chemical index:
High Quality Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) Cellulose Ether

Application in Building:
External wall insulation system (EIFS)
>Bond strength: HPMC can provide the greatest degree of high adhesive bond strength of mortar.
>Performance: The mortar added HPMC has the right consistency, non-sagging. When using, the mortar is easy to work continuously, uninterrupted.
>Water retention: HPMC can wet the wall insulation easily, easy to paste, and also make other additional materials reach the best affects.
>Absorbent: HPMC can minimize the air-entraining volume, lower water absorption of mortar.
>Recommended brand: 75CMAX75000(S), 75CMAX100000(S), 75CMAX200000(S) 

Interior and exterior wall interface agent
>Easy to mix, without of agglomeration: HPMC can significantly reduce the friction in the dry powder during the process of mixing with water, which makes it easy to mix and save the blending time.
>Water retention: HPMC can significantly reduce the moisture absorption by the wall. Good water retention can ensure the cement compound with a longer time, also can ensure that workers are able to carry out many times of scraping for the putty on the wall.
>Good working performance stability: even in high temperature environment, HPMC can still maintain good water retention. it is suitable for construction in the summer or hot areas.
>Increased water demand: HPMC can significantly improve the water demand of the putty materials. On the one hand, it improves the operational time after putty put on the wall, on the other hand, it can increase the coating are of the putty, which can make the formula more economical. 
>Recommended brand: 75CMAX60000(S), 75CMAX75000(S)

Tile adhesive
>Water retention: HPMC can reduce the moisture absorbed by the substrate and the tile, retain the moisture in the adhesives as much as possible, making mortar still have adhesion after coating for a long time. Significantly extend open time and makes bigger coating area for the worker each time, and improve the efficiency.
>Improve bond strength, improve anti-slip performance: HPMC ensure non sagging of the tiles during working, especially for heavy tile, marble and other stone materials.
>Work performance: The lubricity of HPMC can increase the workability of the mortar significantly, which makes the mortar easy to coating and improve efficiency.
>Improve mortar wetting property: HPMC give mortar consistency, enhance the wetting ability of mortar and substrate, increase the binding strength of wet mortar, especially for the recipe with high water cement ration;
>Recommended brand: 75CMAX40000(S), 75CMAX75000(S), 75CMAX100000(S)

Crack Filler
>Workability: provide the right viscosity, plasticity, and easy to work;
>Water retention: can make the slurry fully hydrated, extending the working time and avoid cracking.
>Anti-hanging: HPMC can make a strong adhesion on the surface for the slurry and not sag;
>Recommended brand: 75CMAX40000(S), 75CMAX75000(S), 75CMAX100000(S)


Beijing Chenghao technology co., LTD.Which is a green enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and system integration. We mainly produce cellulose (HPMC, VAE, S301, Dispersible latex powder, Polypropylene fiber). We have three production plants in Xinji dedicated industrial zones, over 200 people are employed by Chenghao.

As one of the largest manufacturers of HPMC in china, our factory has a great advantage, that is we can achieve full automation of pipeline transportation, the current industry can be the leader, And It has laid a solid foundation for later product development. Our product HPMC has been applied to washing and cosmetic industry from the construction material industry, the total production capacity is 40000 Ton per year.

After years of accumulation of precipitation, the products have been sold at home and abroad, such as USA, Indonesia Russia Egypt Japan, Indonesia, Singapore etc.
Along the way, sincerity is the heart of our company. which is to be a good man, to do the things with heart and to be grateful to people. Tomorrow's Chenghao, should not forget our first thoughts, pursue the principle of enterprising, realistic, rigorous and united, and constantly explore and innovate. We will take the technology as the core and the quality as the life, together with you to bear the wind and rain, together with the magnificence.

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