Horizontal and Vertical Flammability Tester,Plastic Combustion Testing Chamber,UL94,IEC60695

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Product Description
Horizontal and Vertical Flammability Tester,Plastic Combustion Testing Chamber,UL94,IEC60695
Product Feature
1.Use the Bunsen burner with specified size and specific gas source (methane and propane),to burn samples(90 °and 0 °)
with a certain height and a certain angle, then observe whether it is burned,and use The burning time and burning length to
evaluate fire risk .
2.This tester is used for the flammability testing of plastic materials such as V-0 V-1 V-2, HB, 5V, HF-1 HF-2, HBF material.
3.It is also suitable for Lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tool electrical
appliances, motor, electric tools, electronic instruments, electrical instrumentation, information technology equipment, electrical business equipment, electrical fittings and accessories such as electrical and electronic products and its component parts,Insulation materials, engineering plastic, or other solid combustible materials.
Product Specification / Models
1.Burner: single gas Bunsen burner ( inside diameter 9.5 ±0.3 mm) and mixed gas Bunsen burner (diameter 12 ±0.3 mm)
2.Test Angle: 0 °, 20 °, 45 ° manual switch
3.Flame height: 20 mm ± 2 mm -180 mm - 10 mm ,adjustable
4.Burning time: 0-999.9 s ± 0.1 s ,adjustable
5.Residual flame time: 0-999.9 s ± 0.1 s, automatic recording, pause manually
6.More than burning time: 0-999.9 s ±0.1 s, automatic recording, pause manually
7.Combustion gas:methane gas(98%) or propane gas( 98%),can also be replaced by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
8.Flow pressure: with double flow meter and pressure gauge (gas and air)
9.Temp. testing range: 0 -1000 deg
10.Flame temp. requirement: heating from 100 deg to ±5 deg up to 700 ±3 deg in 44 ± 2 seconds and 54 seconds ± 2 seconds.
11.Temp. measuring thermocouple: two import armoured thermocouple type (K) ( 0.5 mm) ,
double temp. measuring system, V - 0/1/2 (50 w) and 5 va/B (500 w) level
12.Experimental background: black background
13.Test process, test program automatic control, independent convulsions
14.Studio volume: 0.75 cubic, stainless steel chassis
15.Dimension(w*d*h): 1100 *700 *1300 mm
16.Weight: 190 kg
17.Power: AC 220V,50Hz
Application / Models
Plastic horizontal combustion test: UL,HB,IEC60695-11-10,IEC60707,ISO1210,GB/T2408;
50 W vertical combustion test: UL 94,V0,V1,V2,IEC 60695-11-4,IEC60695-11-10,ISO1210,GB/T2408,GB/T5169.16,GB/T5169.22;
500 W vertical combustion test: UL94,5VA,5VB,IEC 60695-11-3,IEC 60695-11-20,GB/T5169.15,GB/T5169.17;
Thin soft plastic vertical combustion test: VTM-0,VTM-1,VTM-2,ISO9773;
Foamed plastic vertical combustion test: HF-1,HF-2,HBF,ISO9772,GB/T8332.
Other Information
OFFICIAL WEBSITE:http://en.tomy.org.cn/product/showproduct.php?lang=cn&id=109
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