Hummer H8.0-10kw wind turbine farm use wind turbine farmer use wind turbine

Minimum Order
20 working day
Product Description
Rated power 10kw wind turbine

generator prepositive design wind turbine

Max output 15kw wind turbine

both grid tied and off-grid application

For farm use wind turbine
Product Feature
H8.0-10000W wind turbine is one of the newest designs of our factory. H8.0-10000W has passed the test and entered the markets. Good feedback and immediate popularity has been received from the customers. It has a rated power of 10KW and the maximum output is 15kw. It has only off-grid system. The off-grid system is still under designing.

Hummer H8.0-10000w Wind Generator which features high efficiency and low rated wind speed introducing several patented technologies and some special materials.

All of the off-grid system wind generators are matched with wind-solar hybrid inverter controller, which can connect solar panel within 5000w simultaneously. Please contact us for the detail.

The off-grid H8.0-10000W wind generator is matched with 25pcs 12VDC batteries in series, and on-grid system can connect to state grid with the help of wind-solar hybrid inverter controller.

By using most advance charging module , the energy loss drops to the minimum extent . Its CPU center will continuously check the battery status . If overcharged , it will order wind turbine to deflect from wind direction and stop charging at the meantime . When discharged ,CPU will stop wind generators inverting to protect battery . Also CPU is able to judge the disturbance of electric appliances and aviod false shutdown .

It is also designed with protectionagainst overload ,over current and over heat . When there is no load for a long time , CPU will shut down the wind generators inverting to protect the battery .

User can check various working data on the LCD screen in front panel , or view through computer which can be linked to the wind generators inverting through RS485 port by side . We supply standard software for computer use .

Grid tied style of H8.0-10000W is matched with special HUMMER grid-tied inverter system ,which deisgned for state grid connection .

The special grid-tied inverter system adopts IGBT modules to greatly enhance sytem efficiency ,and introducing automatic optimization technology of MPPT to improve the system generation capacity .

The entire system is an atuo-run system ,requiring no manual operation and maintenance . When the power brake took place , electricty from teh wind turbines will automatcially be consumed by the unloader for the safety of the entire system .

1. guy tower, free standing tower, hydraulic tower optional.

2.wind vane and anemometer indicating wind direction and measuring wind speed, transmitting wind signal to PLC controller.

3. yaw shaft with the slip ring to ensure the rotation at 360 circulation.

4.Siemens PLC controller receiving wind signal and operation signal, quick in reaction, reliable and intelligent.

5.rectifier, dump load, inverter seperately equipped.

6.rectifier rectifying and controlling the dumping load.

7. dumping load made of metal box, heat dissipation by air convection, without the fan and the controlling box.

8. off grid inverter adopting SPWM technology, amorphous transformer and high frequency breaker, with high converting efficiency, outputting stable frequency and voltage, filtering out noise, low distortion of pure sine wave.

9. hydraulic brake optional.
Product Specification / Models

Rated power (W) 10000

Maximum output power (W) 15000

Battery bank voltage (Vdc) 240

System output voltage (Vac) 110/220/380

Start-up wind speed (m/s) 3

Rated wind speed (m/s) 10

Working wind speed (m/s) 3-25

Survival wind speed (m/s) 50

Generator efficiency >0.85

Wind energy utilizing ratio (Cp) 0.4

Generator type Permanent Magnet Alternator

Generator weight (kg) 287

Blade material/quantity GRP/3

Blade diameter (m) 8.0

Speed regulation method Yawing+Electromagnetism braking

(Optional hydraulic braking)

Shutting down method Manual+Automatic

Application / Models
Application of Model H8.0-10000W

It can drive air-condition (8-10 horsepower), pump or other electrical appliances (8KW).

Well used in:


Telecommunication Station

TV Transfer Station

Monitoring Station (military, hydrology, observatory)

Water-pumping Station
Other Information


(m) (m3) N.W G.W

1 Generator, manual ,brochure plywood containers 0.9*0.8*0.85 0.61 411 538 5 10

2 Wind-solar hybrid control system of charger , controller and inverter 0.62*0.62*0.55 0.21 32 40

3 blades 4.10*0.6*0.6 1.48 100 140

4 yaw shaft ,pedestal ,pedestal pin ,dogvane,power cables anemometer ,software and all the accessaries 1.3*0.77*0.83 0.83 95 120

5 Towers 3*0.82*0.51 1.25 550 550

6 Towers 3*0.82*0.51 1.25 550 550

total 6packages 3*0.82*0.51 5.64 1738 1938

Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd, a famous high and new tech enterprise in wind turbine(wind power generator)industry:500w,1kw,2kw,3kw,5kw,10kw,20kw,30kw,50kw,100kw;Hummer is specialized in the researching, manufacturing and providing medium and small sized wind turbine (wind energy generator),as well as providing solutions for small wind farms.Hummer provides both off gird and grid tied wind turbine(wind energy)systems,further more,each of the wind turbine system could upgrade to wind solar hybrid system by adopting hummer specially wind-solar hybrid rectifier/dumping controller.Besides,we offer new design wind solar hybrid street light system which adopt hummer special 400w/600w wind generator on the top will be a city landscape on both side of the street.Our manufacturing base, which covers an area of 23000 m2, is located in the economic development zone of Lujiang county, Anhui province, China, with a registered capital of 11 millions RMB. There are about 200 workers among whom 40 researchers and technicians. There are over 70 sets of advanced machines and equipments, which can provide a maximum monthly production capacity of 3000 sets ofwind turbine (wind generator) and an annual production capacity of 20,000 sets wind turbine (wind power generator).

With the supercritical generator technology as the core of our technologies, Hummer wind turbine&wind-solar hybrid street light system are pysically lighter and smaller, in the meanwhile more efficient and more stable. Hummer wind turbine's whole system has passed European CE certificate, the generator part has passed American UL certificate and controller unit has passed North American ETL certificate. In the past six years, our products have been exported to 91 countries and areas, such as the USA, Australia, Germany, the UK, France, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, India, Israel and Japan, etc.

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