Hwangchil Mac (Healthy tea)

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Product Description

  • Hwangchil Mac is extracts from Hwangchil(Dendropanax morbifera)
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  • Hwangchil tree known as Miracle ginseng tree!
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  • Hwangchil is evergreen broad-leaved tree belongs to the Araliaceae family, that only grows in Korea.
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  • Recently, Panax(Hwangchil, Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng )'s Pharmacological effects are revealed by clinical test.
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  • Hwangchil only grows in Korea. It's essential treasure in health
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  • Qinshihuangdi took them because it's 'Herb of eternal youth'
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  • Korean philosopher, Jeong Yak-yong called it 'treasure of treasures'
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  • ' Jibong yuseol' Yi Su-gwang said there is no better treasure than Hwangchil tree

Product Feature

TypeExtracted Tea
Raw MaterialDendropanax morbifera(korean 100%)
Packaging Materialttt
  • Pouch packaging(Polystyrene, Aluminium, Polythylene)
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  • Box packaging(paper)
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PurposeHealth supplement food


  1. Hwangchil Mac is produced by Hyurim Hwangchil’s patent ,
    tKorea Dendropanax extracts extractor (Registeration number 10-129492)
    tand Korea Dendropanax extracts and extract method
    t(Application number PCT/KR2014/009893) to deliver Hwangchil’s active
    tcomponent intactly to you
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  3. Korea Dendropanax morbifera revived after 200 years.
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  5. Among Hwangchil extract products, Hwangchil Mac is the first that
    tcompleted Clinical Test of the Green Cross Examination Center
    t(Uric acid, Triglyceride, Cholesterol)
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  7. Hyurim Hwangchil only use Hwangchil tree's leaves and stems to make
    tproducts using low temperature circulating system.
    t: It lowers destruction of nutrient and keeps the flavor of the Hwangchil.
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  9. No color additives, flavoring agents and preservatives were added.
    t: You can taste the original flavor, smell and color of the Hwangchil.
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  11. We cultivate, research, and develope Hwangchil tree only.
    t: Hyurim Hwangchil is pride of Korean Hwangchil tree-products.

Product Specification

- Out box size (cm) : 35×39×6.5

- In box size (cm) : 10×16×5

- Pack size (cm, 70ml) : 16×10.5

- Weight (g) : 3000

- Out box 1ea : Pouch (70ml)× 30ea

→ In box 6ea (70ml×5ea) separate composition

Product Application

Tea for health food

How to take Hwangchil Mac properly

  • Drink 1 pack once or twice a day on empty stomach
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  • Sometimes solid components can sink but its fine to take
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  • While taking Hwangchil Mac, please abstain from alcohol and cigarette


Hyurim Hwangchil is one of leading manufacturer of health food and Natural Soap from HwangChil tree extract.

Hwangchil only grows naturally in Korea. It is evergreen broad-leaved tree and belongs to the Araliaceae family.

Hwangchil is 'Herb of eternal youth' that Qinshihuangdi was looking for and Korean philosopher, Jeong Yak-yong called it, 'treasure of treasures'

Also, it’s called Ginseng tree because it’s categorilized in Panax plants(Dendropanax Morbifera, Ginseng, Acanthopanax Senticosus). According to recent clinical research, it has medicinal effect that panax plants contain.

Hyurim Hwangchil have good technical method to produce Hwangchil extracts and soap. We only use Hwangchil tree's leaves and stems to make products using low temperature circulating system to lower destruction of nutrient. No artificial color additives, flavoring agents and preservatives were added. You can feel the original flavor, scent and color of the Hwangchil.

We cultivate, research, and develope Hwangchil tree only. We are pride of Korean Hwangchil products.

Nothing is better than this treasure in health and no other Hwangchil products like Hyurim Hwangchil’s.

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