Hydrogeneted Castor Oil - Flakes/Powder

Minimum Order
16 MT
As Required
Flexibag,ISO Tank,Steel Drum,HDPE Drum
LC @ Sight
Product Description
When hydrogen is added to Castor Oil in the presence of a nickel catalyst, the resultant oil, called Hydrogenated Castor Oil, is transformed into a hard, brittle wax with a melt point of approximately 85-86 degrees Centigrade. This wax is extremely insoluble and is therefore well suited for products needing resistance to water, oils, petroleum and petroleum derivatives.

HCO is available as flakes or powder which melts to a clear transparent liquid. It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous material.

Hydrogenated castor oil is used in manufacturing of greases, but it may also be used in a paper coating for food packaging. The product can be available with several different melting points, or in beaded or powdered form. Partially Hydrogenated castor oil is used in cosmetic formulations such as lipsticks and stick deodorants.

Product Feature
Hydrogenated Castor Oil finds a number of diversified uses due to its unique combination of physico-chemical properties.

In the manufacture of multipurpose Lithium/Calcium grease and high performance aviation grease.In the manufacture of soaps & cosmetics,as mould release agent in the processing of plastics and rubbers.

As a component of specialty wax blends like pencils, crayons, lipsticks and anti-deodorant sticks.In the manufacture of hot-melt coatings and sealant requiring resistance to water.As a coating agent for paper & as anti-foaming agent.

Product Specification / Models
Appearancett:tWhite Flake

Colour Gardner tt:tMax 3 (Gardner)

Colour Aphatt:t750 Max

Colour Lovibondt :t20 Yellow Max, 2 Red Max

Acid Value % (mgKoH/gm)t:tMax 3

Iodine Value t:tMax 3

Hydroxyl Value t:t155 Min

Saponification Valuet:t174 -186

Melting Point u00ba Ct:t84u00ba C

Unsaponifiable Mattert:t1.0 Max

Nickel PPMtt:t3 - 5 PPM

12 Keto Stearic Acidt:t4 Max

12 HSA %t t:t83 - 87

Application / Models
In the manufacture of Automotive refinish Acrylics.Rheological agent that provides thixotropic in paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants and numerous industrial compositions.

Thick film chlorinated rubber, epoxy and vinyl coating.

Flame Retardant and anti-static agent for fiber.

Manufacture of Spin finish oil for polyamide fiber.

In preparation of ointments, emulsified virus vaccines, sustained release capsules, wetting/bodying agent, face paint.As plasticizer for cellulosic.Processing aid for Colour concentrates.Surface treatment agents.In the manufacture of hot melt adhesives used in packaging books, binding footwear, carpet backing and in product assembly.

Anti-tack and slip additives for processing plastics.

In the manufacture of specialty chemicals for applications such as metal working, plasticizers and textile auxiliaries in the form of derivatives such as esters, ethylates, sulfates etc.
Other Information
Packing Information:

Standard Packingt1 Unit 20 FT Container

Packing - Flakes/Powder Formt:25 Kgs. Bags. =20 MT Per 20 FT FCL

Packing - Flakes/Powder Formt:25 Kgs. Bags =17 MT Per 20 FT FCL / Palletized

Packing - Flakes/Powder Formt:25 Kgs. Bags = 24 MT Per 40 FT FCL

Packing - Flakes/Powder Formt:25 Kgs. Bags = 24 MT Per 40 FT FCL / Palletized
Aura Refoils Pvt. Ltd is an emerging Agro Processing and Export Company with leadership in the Castor Oils and Castor Oil Derivatives along with specialty Chemical industry in India, Company has focused on exports of agro products in the global market from India.

With proven research capabilities, and quality controls conforming to International Standards and good record of honoring delivery schedules, it is no wonder that Aura Refoils Pvt. Ltd. is the preferred partner of choice worldwide for sourcing of castor oil and castor oil
derivatives. Company maintains everlasting business partnership with our clients through consistent and timely supply of the quality products.

Aura Refoils has adapted CASTOR OIL & its DERIVATIVES as its prime range for the simple reason that Aura Refoils is located in the center of Global CASTOR Seed Production Hub Gujarat. This region serves 70% of global Castor seed demand.

We follow strict quality evaluation policy and have systemic check on product dispatched to customers. The sincere commitment to our customers succeed has made us a valued and trusted global supplier for customers’ requirement. This makes Aura Refoils a preferred choice for quality conscious buyers from various industries like Pharmaceuticals, Lubricant, Cosmetic, Paints, Paper, Chemical, Inks, Adhesives and other industries, wherever applicable. The company is spreading its wings worldwide with rapid growth. Major importers of Castor oil and Castor derivatives are from U.S.A., EU, Japan, China, Thailand and Australia.

With a firm commitment to the values and spirit of the world’s leading natural-based Oils & Chemicals Company, we continue on our guided journey to become a sustainable, profitable growth company, focused on customer satisfaction so as to be your preferred supply partner.

Castor Oil Product
Castor Oil Commercial Grade
Refined Castor Oil First Special Grade – F.S.G
Castor Oil Pharmaceuticals – USP Grade
Castor Oil Pharmaceuticals – B.P Grade
Refined Castor Oil Pale Pressed Grade
Castor Oil Cold Pressed Grade

Castor Oil Derivatives Product
Hydrogenated Castor Oil -Flakes - Powder
12 Hydroxy stearic acid – Flakes - Powder
Methyl –12 Hydroxy Stearate – Liquid - Flakes
Ricinoleic Acid

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