Industrial Ice Machine Vacuum Cooler Machine Vacuum Cooling Machine

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Industrial Ice Machine Vacuum Cooler Machine Vacuum Cooling Machine

The technical characteristics of ICEUPS fresh fruit and vegetable vacuum precooling machine

Quick cooling speed: 20 to 30 minutes to reach the required refrigeration temperature, whereas ordinary cold store need 10 to 12 hours, or longer.Vacuum precooling machine can be resolved immediately heat after picking vegetables, fruits and flowers in the thermal field.

Uniform cooling: the preservation objectsin the vacuum precooling machine can be fast cooling, almost reach low temperature required from outside to inside,can make evenly the object temperature.Traditional refrigeration process is cold outside and hot inside,the center temperature is difficult to rapid decline, lead to the phenomenon of objects respiratory heat object, freshness, uneven temperature.

Fruit and vegetable surface treated by vacuum preservation is clear, can effectively control the humidity, will not be phenomenon of losing water from the surface, and prevent to be flowering, become yellow,body bending,etc.

Fruit and vegetable by vacuum processed is fresh, color clear, clean health, taste delicious, storage long, good price for sale.

Fruits and vegetables picked in rainy or be cleaned are also be processing quickly, avoid the internal hot phenomenon of fruits and vegetables and can also remove surface moisture, conducive to keep fresh.

By gas processing achieve good fresh.the drying effect of thin layer can repair small damage in the surface of fruits and vegetables.




The Customization options of ICEUPS fresh fruit and vegetable vacuum precooling machine

Vacuum tanks of vacuum precooling machine: Q235B carbon steel material, food grade paint, SUS304 stainless steel.

Vacuum pump component: Germany Busch, Leybold, Rietschle and other brands, etc

Refrigeration compressor: Germany Bitzer, USA Emerson, Frascold, Hanbell, etc

Vacuum precooling machine: Fission machine, Complete machine and Vehicular machine

The type of opening door: manual type, automatic translation type, hydraulic dumping type, hydraulic rising type.

Cooling mode:: air cooling,water cooling and evaporation cooling

Special customized: spray humidification system (for large fruit and vegetable), water precooling system, automatic conveyor system.

The application arrange of ICEUPS fresh fruit and vegetable vacuum precooling machine

Vacuum precooling machine is suitable for fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers. leaf vegetables, okra, pepper, carrot, tomatoes, broccoli, leek, lettuce, green beans, edible fungus, corn, strawberries, strawberry, wild vegetable, and all kinds of fresh flowers.

Power supply system: standard voltage 3p-50 hz-380v, can be non-standard voltage 220v/400v/415v/440v/460v/-50hz/60hz-3p as the user requirements.

Operating conditions: Ambient temperature -5 u2103 ~ 39 u2103, Evaporating temperature 15 u2103,Condensation temperature 70 u2103.

Field data needed outside the range parameter, mae personal customized professional r&d team.

The actual situation are beyond the above parameters,the professional R&D team from ICEUPS can customize it for you.




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