Industrial Use Rotary Drum Dryer for biomass material

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Industrial Use Rotary Drum Dryer for biomass material 

Sourcing drying equipment for high-moisture and high viscosity material please contact ZJN. ZJN Drying Equipment R&D CO., Ltd is specialized in the development and manufacturing of various drying equipment for high wet and high viscosity material.


Based on the traditional structure of the rotary drum dryer, the scattered rotary cylinder dryer also adds scatter device along the axis of the cylinder. After material going into the cylinder: Firstly, the material is hit, broken by the device in the process of falling, and then, it is repeatedly grabbed, lift, fallen and beaten throughly. The surface area of the shattered materials increased rapidly, and contact with hot air sufficiently to transfer heat and mass. After multiple level drying within three cylincer drum, it eventually meets the drying requirements.


Ideal For: clay, DDGS, sewage sludge, textile chemical sludge, painting sludge, animal feed, food waste, coal, oil sludge, farm waste, coconut copra, fruit pomace, carob pulp, industrial waste, etc.


Case Videos 
Check the following videos of our "triple pass drum dryer machine" used in various industry 
Sludge drying project:     
DDGS drying project: 
Electroplating industry sludge drying: 
Leather industry sludge drying:      
Paper making industry sludge drying: 
Pharma industry sludge drying:     
Chemical/ textile sludge drying:   
Working principle illustrated in 3D:


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ZJN manufactures rotary drum dryers for solids recycling since 1991, thus accumulating rich experience in various projects.

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