Infrared Methane (CH4 ) Gas Sensor

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Product Description
NDIR CH4 gas sensor adopts advanced non-dispersive infrared technology and qualified raw materials and parts, which can be integrated in safety and alarming devices, able to be used for environmental monitoring, gas drainage monitoring;The infrared methane sensor is complied with Ex-proof ExiaCT4. The certificate No. is GYB101873
Product Feature
NDIR gas sensorHigh sensitive and fast responseImmune from poisoning and long lifeSelf-compensation of temperature and reliable linearity outputChoice of output format voltage and RS232Good sensitivity and selectivity to CH4Replacement of compatible pellistor based instruments to NDIR CH4
Product Specification / Models
Working voltage 3.5-6VDCWorking current 75-80mAOutput voltage 0.4V-2VDCMeasurement range 0-5% or 0-100%volResolution Measurement range A: 0-5%vol, resolution is 0.01%; B: 0-100%vol: 0-10% resolution is 0.01%, over 10%, resolution is 0.1%.Accuracy 0-1%:0.1% ; 1-100%:10% of the readingsWarm-up 30sResponse time T 90 <25sZero repeatability 1%FS Sensitivity repeatability 0-5%vol:0.1%; 5%-100%vol: 2% Zero drift 1%/monthWorking temperature - 40-70Storage temperature -40-85Digital signal format Data bit:8; Stop bit: 1; Check bit: nullStandard baud rate 9600bps,19200bps,38400bpsDimensions 20 x 19mm(except pin)Humidity range 0-95%RH non-condensingOutput pin 5pinLifespan >5year
Application / Models
CH4 sensor can be integrated in such safety and alarming devices such as CH4 gas detector and transmitter which are widely used in various occasions with flammable and explosion hazard gas.Mine, metallurgy, liquefied gas station, spray paint, petroleum, fuel gas transport etcUsed in gas leakage detecting equipment in family and industry, are suitable for CH4, LNG, avoid the noise of alcohol and cooking fumes and cigarette smoke.Gas concentration meter, detect concentration of CH4 in airGasoline, ketone, benzene etc organic solvent.Combustible gas leaking alarm or detectors.
Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronic Co., Ltd is the gas sensor manufacturer with advanced infrared (IR) gas measurement technology. Its gas sensor, gas detectors and gas transmitters are widely used in air quality control and monitoring, HVAC system, agricultural greenhouse, coal mining, gas leakage detection, etc with convenience and utmost precision at anytime and anywhere.

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