Infrared special lamps

Minimum Order
mooden box
air or water
Product Description
Halogen Infrared lamps with a spectrum in the near-Infrared region, a maximum power output of 1000 kW/m2 and very fast response times. Features: 1) Tubular double-ended quartz infrared lamps are high-powered heat sources incorporating a tungsten filament within a quartz envelope 2) Halogen type, which avoids blackening of the tube and consequently infrared depreciation throughout the whole life time 3) Benefits of these lamps for efficiency fast heat transfer, direct response to power control 4) Compactness and light weight 5) Depending on the types, these lamps have a horizontal or universal burning position 6) Applications: a) Paint drying in tunnels and body shops b) Blowing of PETP bottles c) Plastics thermoforming d) Epitaxy CVD, RTP Oxidation processes in semiconductor industry e) Heating of food and keep it warm f) Paper drying in paper mills g) Drying of lacquer, printing inks h) Pre-heating of wood prior to lacquering i) Heat sterilization j) Softening melting of plastic To order you must specify us the following features: - Width of the heater

Length of the heater - Wattage - Voltage - Termination type how you want the heater to be connected with the electricity (screws, cable, cap etc. ) - Special Features (holes etc. ) It would be very easy for us If you could send us a drawing with all the characteristics noted
Product Feature
Energy-saving, fast response, long life, easy to install replacement

Product Specification / Models
10 12 15 18 20 23x11 33x15 and so on

tailor-made all kinds of mondels
Application / Models
Printing, textile, leather, heated drying paint and other industries

Other Information
Industrial production processes require heat, e.g. for drying, shaping/moulding, activation or bonding. Infrared emitters offer intelligent heat as infrared ovens have clear advantages over conventional heat sources.Neither contact nor an intermediate medium are required with infrared heatersInfrared emitters have short switch-on and switch-off response timesHeat precisely where and just as long as it is neededInfrared heat can be adjusted precisely to the material propertiesThis saves energy and increases the process speed
Our company has been committed to the research and development of special light source technology production, is a infrared research and development, production, sales and a professional organization!

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Special Infrared Heating Lamp

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tungsten halogen quartz infrared heating lamps

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