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HA is major components in human stromal cells, vitreous, synovial fluid and other connective tissue in the body HA plays an important role in retaining water, maintain extracellular space, adjusting osmotic pressure, lubricating and improving cells reparation. As a major components of intercellular substance, HA directly takes part in electrolyte alternate control between cells and exerts the function of message filter of physics and molecule. High molecular HA can restrain the movement, multiplication and phagocytosis of cells while low molecular HA plays a role of stimulation.

HA has unique physicochemical properties and physiological functions. It has been widely applied in the pharmaceutical industry. HA can be used as viscoelastic materials in intraocular lens implantation and as fillers in articular surgery against osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. It is also used as medium in eye drops extensively. Furthermore, HA is helpful in preventing post-surgery conglutination and improving wound healing. The compound as a result of its reaction to other medicine may play a role of sustained release, thus achieving the purpose of targeted and timed release. With the development of medical science, HA will become more and more useful in the field of medicine.


white or almost white particle or powder with no smell

it is transparent solution in water and insoluble in solution, acetone and diethyl ether


pH range(1% aqueous solution)t 6.0-7.5

transparencyt >99.0%

ransparencyt <10.0%

dynamic viscosityt measured value

molecular weightt >1.00u00d7106

proteint <0.1%

heavy metalt <20ppm

content determinationt

glucuronic acidt >44.0%

sodium hyaluronatet >91.0%

microorganism testingt

total bacterial countt <100cfu/g

total mucedine and saccharomycetest <100cfu/g

staphylococcus aureust Are Not Allowed

Pseudomonas aeruginosat Are Not Allowed
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Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) Injection Grade(Pharm Grade)

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Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) Injection Pharm Grade

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Hyaluronic Acid/ Sodium Hyaluronate (Injection Grade)

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