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Polymer bonded magnets opened a new world of application opportunities. The processing temperatures to blend and mold the material mixture is low enough to allow many different magnet powders to be used alone or in combination in the polymer binder to achieve an unprecedented range of properties.

Another benefit of the injection molding process is that magnet material can be directly molded into, onto, or against other assembly components eliminating subsequent assembly steps. This is called insert injection molding.

Injection molded magnets can be formed from very simple shapes to very complex shapes. All or only part of the device may be magnetized. Often, it is cost advantageous to make an entire part out of the magnet material and magnetize only the portion requiring magnetic output. - See more at:
Product Feature
Polymer binders utilized by Flexmag's Plastiform product include nylons 6 and 12 and PPS (polyphenylene sulfide). Binder evaluations are a continuous activity in the Development Laboratory, in an effort to improve physical strength, maximum recommended use temperature, improved corrosion resistance for the rare earth magnetic materials, improved dimensional stability in the presence of water and solvents, and greater ease of processing. - See more at:

An important characteristic of injection molded magnets is that they conform dimensionally to the mold cavity which is precisely machined, the result being close tolerances in the finished product. What little dimensional variability there is results from shrinkage of the polymer during cooling. This depends upon part thickness and shape. Typical tolerances are +/-0.003 in/in. Closer tolerances on critical dimensions can be negotiated. - See more at:
Product Specification / Models
Injection molded magnets can be available using ferrite , neodymium-iron-born , or blends of magnetic materials to achieve an extensive range of properties,produced from very simple forms to quite complex shapes in sizes with high precision, typically ,tolerance is +/-0.005mm, suitable for high precision parts.

It is a new technology to achieve adjustable magnetic properties, composite molding, elastic magnetization and high mechanical strength. By doing insert molding, magnetic material can be directly molded into or onto other assembly components without further assembly process.

Application / Models
The parts widely used in permanent magnetism DC machine, magnetic stepping motor, control motor, meter motor, air-conditioner fan electro-motor, printer magnetic roller, printer, decoder, coder selection loudspeakers and many other special applications.
Hangzhou Kuangzheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd (Called KZST) was founded in 2012, located in Kowloon Industrial Park, Yuhang District Hangzhou City and covers an area of 7000 square meters. The company was formed by a professional manufacturing modern automation machinery and equipment companies closely with senior magnetic experts of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation Nanjing 28 Research Institution, devoted to build large and high-grade multi pole magnetic ring production base which covers variety of materials and specifications.

KZST has high performance process technology of sintered ferrite anisotropic multipole rings with international advanced level and intellectual property rights. The surface magnet can be up to 2000-2100GS; The surface magnet of Anisotropic sintered NdFeB multipole rings can reach 4000-6000GS, concerning hot extrusion multipole magnetic ring technical level is synchronization with domestic top enterprises.

The products are with high precision dimensions, stable performance and good quality. To respond the development of the new trend of micro motor widely used in brushless DC motor, high precision servo motor, a new generation of permanent magnet motor, etc. To be essential part of industries like computer, electric vehicle, air conditioner, aerospace, petrochemical, mining and metallurgical.

KZST sincerely welcome domestic and overseas customers to visit and cooperate, to supply high excellent permanent magnetic products and create future together.

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