Insulin pump

Minimum Order
1 piece
2 days for the ready goods,10 days for the OEM
Product Description
The insulin pump is a medical device used for the administration of insulin in the treatment of diabetes mellitus,also known as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy.
Product Feature
1.List menu and big screen

2.24/48 basal rates selectable

3.Powered by 1*AAA Alkaline battery

4.Available to use all kinds of infusion sets

5.Auto-reset for screw and auto-calculate for residual insulin

6.Intellectualized memory function for bolus settings
Product Specification / Models
Portable,Infusion with high precision,Prompt intelligently catheter!

Application / Models
1.Portable and simple design

1)Small size,easy for carrying and hiding,ergonomic design and elegant appearance

2)Store 305u insulin,for people who require high dose,

3)Continue working for 40 days with 1 AAA battary

4)Large LCD display,easy to use

2.Infusion with high precision

1)Infusion precision is 0.05u,infusion error is u00b12%

2)Choose infusion time 1~5 minutes neatly, avoid aches,

3)4 basal rates,48 time/rate segments to meet your needs

3.Prompt intelligently and performance security

1)Alarm when insulin is empty,the low battery,or the blocked needle

2)Meet the highest waterproof standard of IPX8,as being in bathing and swimming

3)High capacity storage,provide history of operation and infusion for doctors and patients


Different size needles for different people,avoiding ache as a result of right size needle


Store insulin,with the standard Luer Connection and can be widely use.

Other Information
1.Material:AdvancedABS, anti-shock, flexible and durable.

2.Net Weight:55g.

3.Battery:1*AAA common alkaline battery.

4.Consumables: Standard Luer Connection,can be widely used.

5.Dose record: Record automatically.

6.Screw rewind: Automatically rewind, no need to exhaust immediately.

7.Drug capacity: Max 305u

8.Bolus preset:Doses before meals can be preset.

9.Normal bolus setting:Automatically preset.

10.Basal rate: Automatically set, 2u/hour (default);


(1) General:0~2u/hour;

(2) For Doctor: 0~5u/hour. 24/48 basal rates. Columnar display for24, rectangle display

for 48. Save a lot of time for doctors.

11.Basal dose correct: Automatically correct basal dose.

12:Square wave Bolus: Automatically preset meal doses, the default time is 60mins(can

be changed)

13:Bolus guide: Automatically asses how many doses need to be added, better regulate

blood glucose levels.

14:Record: Automatically,

Accurate record Bolus: Last 50 boluseswith time and date stamp;

Auto memory for the last setting;

Preset for thewaiting time 10/20/30 minutes available;

Daily:Last 50 daily insulin totals with time and date stamp;

Prime:Last 50 daily insulin totals with time and date stamp;

Alarm:Last 50 daily insulin totals with time and date stamp

15:Time zone correct.

16:Water-proof: Drug storage container=IPX8, PUMP=IPX7.

17:Dural CPU

High-tech medical devices and medical software manufacturer:
Phray is a high-tech enterprise specializes in manufacturing high-tech medical devices and software. Our main products are insulin pumps, other infusion pumps, ECG machines, PC-ECG, Near-infrared foot therapy device and medical accessories, …
Our factory is located in one of the most developed economic zone in China-Zhengzhou economic development zone and we have researching and sales departments in both Shenzhen and Hongkong.

Phray insulin pump is one of the world’s a few brands:
Phray is one of the world’s leading companies in the Micro-infusion field and is one of the world’s important drafters for insulin pump. Our products support many languages to meet the needs of worldwide customers.

Powerful R&D groups and worldwide service.
We have been keeping close cooperation relations with a lot of famous medical organizations in the world. Our advanced technology, high-tech products and best service are well known all over the world. As an experienced medical device manufacturer and exporter, Phray has powerful R&D groups which bring together many world famous doctors/medical experts/engineers…

If you want to give better help to more diabetics…
If you want to enlarge your business…
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Phray is good at OEM/ODM service(the only one in China).
As an experience manufacturer in this field, we helped a lot of health care and medical agencies or hospitals to design and manufacture the exact products they need, they just send us their idea and brand name, we make products according to their minds.
We have offered OEM/ODM service for our customers for many years.

Phray is looking for insulin pump distributors in the world.
More and more people are suffering from diabetes. Insulin pump is the best way to control diabetes but no more than 10 manufacturers in the world. According to research, some of the brands have high price, complex operation, poor quality or other problems. As an elder in this field, Phray insulin pump is cheap, easy to operate and with best quality (4 years’ longtime warranty).

A. Competitive price- It is possible our retail price is your wholesale price.
Phray is a Chinese enterprise. The cost is the lowest in the world. Chinese government strongly support domestic medical enterprise, and invest a lot of capital and technical resources to help to reduce cost.

B. Best quality-China is a high-tech based country and Chinese laws are very strict with medical device producing. We are sure all our products reach the international standard. In China, we have 24 hours’ service to solve every of the customer’s question and we offer 4 year’ longtime warranty.

C. Huge international market- More demands but shortage in supply. Join Phray, you will own the largest market.

As a medical devices manufacturer, Phray is aimed at working out more and more high-tech products to help to get rid of pain for those who are suffering from pain in the world. We need more of your attention and help.
As for business, Phray is new and powerful, we are sure we can be your most reliable partner. To satisfy our customers are our business goal, we would do everything we can to cooperate with you. Look forward to your attention.
Thank you.

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