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Intraject is a syringe-like device that combines the action of Sonoporation (low frequency ultrasound), Radioporation (radiofrequency) and Eletroporation (modulated electric pulses) for active ingredients transdermal delivery and skin rejuvenation. Transdermal absorption of a topical preparation consists in its diffusion from the transportation vehicle in the biophase of the skin.
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Radioporation is able to transport metabolically active substances deep in the skin, due to the greater ability of transdermal absorption derived from high frequency electrical pulses. Thanks to these electrical pulses, the cocktail of actives are able to penetrate in depth bypassing the skin barrier.


Sonoporation is particularly effective in increasing the effects of the active ingredients. The low-frequency ultrasound delivered, produces alterations in the structure of the stratum corneum and consequent cells permeabilization .


The Electroporation uses modulated currents at low intensity that creates new extracellular pathways. Electroporation acts directly on the skin, temporarily increasing the permeability of the tissue.

The spatula applicator

In Sonoporation mode, IntraJect uses a special spatula applicator that emits a sound wave with a frequency of 25kHz. By using the spatula on its sharp side, exfoliation of the stratum corneum is obtained.

The syringe applicator

The syringe applicator can be used in synergic technologies mode or with the individual technology and combines both the effect of radioporation and electroporation favoring the nourishment of the tissues through the deep transdermal delivery of active ingredients.

Electrode roll dispenser

It allows to distribute the product released from 20cc syringe which is placed in the applicator, in a gradual and uniform manner. It is manufactured using medical grade steel and can be sterilized in autoclave.

Fractional electrode

The fractional electrode delivers fractional radioporation and electroporation superficially on the epidermis or directly into the dermis, ensuring a precise control of the depth from 0.2.5 to 2.5 mm, depending on the micro-needle electrodes used. The fractional electrode as well as opening invisible micro-channels, also allows to stimulate collagen formation.
Biotec Italia is a diversified Aesthetic and Well-being company, focused on improving people’s lives through aesthetic innovations. Headquartered in Italy with a staff of about 50 employees, Biotec Italia operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company has continued to grow every year and is a market leader in clinically-proven aesthetic technology and skin health products.

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