IPA recovery machine

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Feeding capacity: 40 liters

Electric Voltage:220V/380V/4KW


Net weight: 140 kg

T Series solvent recovery machine has the following advantages:

1 Machine and components using explosion-proof safety design, products are qualified products by China National Supervision and Inspection Center explosion: Explosion-proof mark: ExdeIIBT3 / T4

2 Intelligent PID, PLC digital control system

Autonomous and independent research of PID, PLC control system,one of the most advanced operating control system, automatically digital display control. Precise control of the temperature heating . Multi - program control can be set up for recycling different solvent, automatic production equipment without special care.

3. Specially designed electronic control box

Characteristics of explosion-proof operation mechanism, the security parameter can be set up without opening the control box , it is suitable for operating in an explosive-proof atmosphere!

(in the course of running, the electric control box is prohibited to open under any circumstances)

4. Independent seal design

The sealing ring of solvent recovery machine is produced independently-molding,which ensure that the solvent gas solvent does not cause leakage and risk. Under normal operation, the washer is guaranteed for one year

5. Body and recycling bins and temperature control

Barrel made of stainless steel, double-layer structure, indirect heating, reinforced lid design,precise 32 stages of temperature control, heating, steam recovery time digital display, explosion-proof, leak-proof, all-stainless steel body, easy to clean and maintain.

6 Vacuum decompression recovery function (optional)

standard vacuum pressure (pump) devices, heating, condensation, decompression, storage, combination of a variety of functions,the heating temperature is low, saving heating electricity; closed recycling, reduce volatile, prevent leakage; superior efficacy for recovery of volatile, decomposition, toxic and high boiling point solvent.

7 Automatic feeding (optional):

Automatic feeding or manual control automatic feeding, without opening the cover; slag without opening the lid, after the recovery,automatic shutdown or remote delivery workplace , high efficiency, low solvent evaporation, low labor intensity.

8 Temperature-setting shutdown function

Temperature set, when the solvent has been done or the sensing temperature probe cannot feel the vapor, the device will automatically shut down, digital induction, high accuracy, can set a low 5-10 degrees off.

9 Time off function:

The recovery time of the machine is set in advance, the operation time reach the preset one,the device will stop the heating system. When the fan continues to run about 20 minutes, the machine will automatically stop. This function is to prepare for when there is residual vapor within barrel, the steam from the pipe will run out causing safety problems if the power is cut off.

10 Ultra high temperature protection function:

Preset heating maximum temperature, when the temperature of the heat medium oil reached the highest temperature, the high temperature protection red light will be on, the heater stops heating. This function is to ensure that the machine safely runs in the setting temperature range, to prevent the heating temperature is too high.

11 Ultra high voltage protection function:

If pipes are clogged, the steam cannot discharge, when the barrel pressure exceeds 3kg, safety valve on the lid will automatically open to relieve pressure, to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

12 Temperature control system damage protection function:

During the operation of the machine, if the temperature control instrument damage,or sensing wire break down, the device will automatically stop working, When the recovery start again, the device will not run to avoid solvent completely evaporating or accident due to the continuously heating.

13 Anti drying-out function: (optional)

The unique steam upper limit shutdown, and 5%-10% of solvent can be set aside, so that the solven
Zhongshan JieXing Environmental Protection Equipment Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of solvent recovery machine and Energy-saving solvent recovery machine and selling abluent. We provide the service of solvent recovery and equipment for large, medium and small sized enterprises. With the professional technique and heart-and-soul service, we render customers high-quality industrial environmental protection quuipment to help them create greater value and meet different needs.

About the recycling machine we manufacture, there are ordinary type and PID programming numerical control type. Our solvent recovery equipments respectively otain the National Complete Explosion-proof Authentication and the liability insurance are underwrited by insurance company.

With excellent quality and good after-sales service, our products are populized among the Foxconn Group, Vantage Gas Appliance, Canon digital cameras, Videojet inkjet printer, Honda, Handa Precision and other companies.

Since establishment,adhering to purpose of " professional because of focus,successful because of integrity, people-oriented, mutually beneficial, pioneering and innovative ”, we consider customers’needs as the first place and offer the best quality service. In the high starting point, high quality, low price, perfect after-sales service policy, our company has won broad support and trust of customers.

May you join with Zhongshan JieXing Environmental Equipment Co. to make further progress and create brilliant.

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