JTN-2001B Male Sexual Dysfunction Therapeutic Equipment--Mermaid

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Product Description
1) Apparatus Functions :

JTN-2001B Mermaid sets modern digital technology, automatic control technology, electrical impulses technology as one. With the combination of Chinese medicine channels and collaterals theory and modern digital electronic technology, putting the special instruments on the penis and the related acupuncture points to adjust the cerebral cortex function, make the central system of spinal cord excited, promote arterial hemangiectasis of penis,and increase the volume of corpora cavernosa of the penis ,so as to achieve the objective of treatment.

Product Feature
2) Apparatus Features:

1.The function is reasonable, and can be easy to operate.

2. The therapeutic process is safe , painless and non-dependent, and the therapeutic effect is remarkable.

3.The components getting in touch with the human body are disposable, which can effectively prevent cross infection.

4.Functions are complete. It has many physiological therapeutic techniques, such as electro low frequency stimulation, negative pressure suction, pneumatic massage, water massage, strong current stimulation, and medicated fluid bath.

5. Medicine can be automatically perfused.

Product Specification / Models
Therapeutic Functions

Stimulation by Special Electrode and Low Frequency Pulse

According to traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory, the instrument can stimulate sex-related and prostate-related acupoints of people, adjust function of brain cortex, active spinal central system, speed up the penis nerve conduction velocity, strengthen the contraction capacity of glands, and effect the treatment of ejaculation obstacles, erectile dysfunction, prostate disease and the improvement of the secondary development of sexual organs.

Vacuum Negative Pressure Suction

The Vacuum Attraction acts upon penis that can promote arterial vasodilatation of penis and the circulation, improve and balance the level of testosterone secretion, activate erectile nerves, increase blood volume of corpus cavernosum penis and albugineau2019s thickness, improve the fibrous tissue of penis root, so that increases penis enlargement, make erection lasting and strong. At the same time, under the effect of vacuum attraction, it can activate blood stasis, force prostate gland duct to open passively, suck glandular inflammatory secretions and metabolites out, so as to alleviate stress of prostate body, make blood circulation smooth and glandular recover to be normal.

Pneumatic Massage

Through the alternating effect of vacuum attraction, the instrument repeat blood slosh in the penile arteries and cavernosa that make permeability of capillary in cavernosa enhance and cell tolerance increase. The resting cells are activated; the penis injury or occlusive vessels will be repaired and smooth.

Strong Current Stimulation

Under the effect of vacuum attraction, the strong currents impact and rub the glans penis repeatedly in order to reduce the excitability of nerve endings so as to passivate external nerve of glans penis, sulcus coronarius, and the surface of the penis, and regulate the sex nerve center in order to minimize nerve sensitivity, improve ejaculatory threshold to treat premature ejaculation.

Water Massage and Medical Bath Therapy

Fluid auto-infusion system can help patients accept water massage and medical bath therapy. With negative pressure, water or liquid medicine can massage penis repeatedly, so the instrument can strengthen the activity of penile skin cells and accelerate the decomposition of drug ion and absorption of cells to drug-ion. Drug soaks penis, which make cells of cavernous body adequately nourished and accelerate sexual function rehabilitation.

Application / Models
Widely used for diagnoses and treatment for male sexual dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction, impotence ,ejaculation obstacles, sexuality barriers, defective ejaculation, minor-penis, delayed puberty of male teenagers, and sexual function degeneration of the middle and old male,prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, prostate pain syndrome.

Other Information
Technical Parameters:

1.Treatment modalities: 1 ~ 7 kinds of treatment modalities can be adjusted continuously.

2. Time control range: 0 ~ 99 minutes can be adjusted continuously(erroru00b11min).

3. The open circuit of the output lasts 10 minutes or short circuit lasts 5 minutes,its performances not weaken.

4.By maxima output,short circuit 5s,open circuit 15s,close 1 minute and repeatition test 10 times, this equipment can be normal operation.

5.Under the load of 500Ω, the limit of output current could not over 100mA in intermediate frequency , 80mA in low frequency, and is continuous and adjustable ranging from the minimum to the maximum. The output current could not over 5%.

6.Instrument will be no output after it stops in operating and resume.

7.When the equipment is open, the maximum of the output voltage is not more than 500 V.

8.Output negative pressure: 0~0.085Mpa(erroru00b110%) can be adjusted continuously.

9.Negative pressure suction frequency(Massage frequency): 0.6~3Hz .

10.Input power: ≤120VA .

11.Medicine can be automatically perfused.

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