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High capacity of 20000mAh and high power polymer batter is adopted for fast charging ,It can support the emergency start and entirely replace the included battery for startup,with guaranteed ability to function normally at -20C. It supports general cellular phonecharging and completely replaces the products similar to mobile power packs. With truepowerful flashlight , three-function switchover, emergency rescue , signaling , lighting, deterrence and defense and other powerful features, it is the ideal choice for night shiftworkers and overtime workers ,five levels of power display indicates battery statusreal-time reminding timely recharging. automatic shutdown under no-load conditionprotects the device, and over-current protects the device from overload, making it moreconvenient , safer and more energy-efficient. Instructions:(1):Charge a cellular phones, Ipads, Laptops.1. select a suitable and adapter from the kit, and plug to one end of the converter cable,the insert the USB plug to output socket of the portable power pack.2. Press the charge switch in the middle of the portable power pack to start charging,and five lights on the products turn on , indicating the current battery power of theportable power pack.3. When the cellular phone is fully charged and one minute after the cellular phone isunplugged, the device will stop power supply and turn off power display, then returnto standby mode.4. Most mobile phones have reminder function to indicate full battery ,if a mobile phonehas no such function, the device will turn off charging and automatically enter the standby mode. (2). FlashlightPress the flashlight switch on the side of the device any time to switch on the LED flashlight. press once to turn on bright LED light, press again to change to flashing mode. Pressagain to change to flash SOS rescue signal and press one more time to turn off the light,with presses, the cycle repeats. (3).12v for vehicle startupCheck the device power display before starting a vehicle, the vehicle can be started ifthe power level indicator is more than two lights.1. open engine hood of the vehicle to find the vehicles battery positive and negativeelectrodes.2. Clamp the devices red(plus) and black(minus) clamps for heavy current to positiveand negative electrodes of the vehicles battery, red clamp for the positive electrodes,black clamp for the negative electrode. The clamps must be connected securely withgood contact.3. Insert the other end of the clamp wire into the heavy current startup socket.4. Check the connection thoroughly , if there is no short circuit or wrong connection,you can start the vehicle following normal startup operations.5. You can also disconnect the vehicles battery wires and replace with the device tosolely start the vehicle(replacement of the vehicles battery for long-term use is notrecommended).6. Loosen and remove the clamp wire immediately after starting the vehicle. Do notconnecting the device with the vehicle for a long time during startup, in order to avoidlongtime abnormal reverse charging. (4).Portable power pack rechargingWhen battery displays 1 light or 5 lights that flash together swiftly, it means that thedevice needs to be recharged. Please it promptly for further use. Recharge as follows:1. plug the devices supplied power adapter into the 12VINPUT socket, then rechargethrough commercial power supply.2. Connect the devices socket for supplied cigarette lighter cable to the vehicles cigarettelighter to recharge the device.3. After recharging start, the five power indicators on the device will flash and displaythe current charging state. Recharging is completed when the face power indicators stopflashing. Then the charging adapter or the cigarette lighter cable can be unplugged tostop recharging . Specifications:Recharge power input: DC+12V/2APower supply output: DC+5V/2A,DC12V300ACapacity: 20000mAhSize: 180/75/32mmWeight: 500gFull charge time: 3 to 4 hoursStarting
Product Feature
Instructions:(1):Charge a cellular phones, Ipads, Laptops.(2). Flashlight(3).12v for vehicle startup(4).Portable power pack recharging
Product Specification / Models
Specifications:Recharge power input: DC+12V/2APower supply output: DC+5V/2A,DC12V300ACapacity: 20000mAhSize: 180/75/32mmWeight: 500gFull charge time: 3 to 4 hoursStarting current: 200APeak current: 400AWorking temperature:-20C-45CCycle life: 1000+times of recharge
Application / Models
Car Battery Charger Auto Jump Starter Multi-FunctionMobile Phone Power Bank Laptop Extended Battery
Other Information
Parts list of vehicle portable power products1. one(1)portable power leather bag.2. one(1)2-round-pin plug power adapter for Russia and Europe countries( if you want 2-flat-pin plug adapter please leave a message)3. one(1)vehicle cigarette lighter charging adapter4. one(1)mobile phone converter cable5. eight(8) mobile phone adapter connector + one(1)connector for iPhone5 as freegift6. one(1)laptop converter cable7. eight(8)laptop charging connector8. one(1)set of startup clamp wire
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