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10 sets
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as customer's request
1~3 weeks
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Product Description
1.heat-resistance 2.oxidation resistance 3.hard mechanical intensity 4.high density
Product Feature
Manufacturer Easy to operate. Strong corrosion resistance Longer service timeAny model is available
Product Specification / Models
High-temperature electronic graphite mould Advantages: 1. Manufacturer2. Easy to operate3. Strong corrosion resistance4. Longer service time5. Any model is available "-" "+" "T" 6. We have a professional team at grounding products, and our manager was voted as " Youth experts at lightning protection" and deputy director of the " China' grounding industry new technology alliance". Features:1. Good current loading ability The welding point current loading ability is the same as conductor.2. Good mechanical performance The connection is a molecular connection. It is a permanent connection.3. Stable dash current resistance The test shows that in the surge of big current in short time, the conductor melts earlier than the connection point, so it will not be damaged by surge current.4. Good resistance to corrosion The welding point is covered by copper, it provides good resistance to corrosion.5. Simple and safe connection Neither outside power nor facility is required. It requires very little time to finish one welding. It can be done both indoor and outdoor.6. Free control the reaction temperature Different welding powder is provided according to the metal features, so the welding powder can be very solid. Hot-pressing sintering characteristics: hot pressing sintering pressure due to heating simultaneously, thermoplastic powder, help contact, flow and mass transfer process of particle dispersion, thus forming pressure is only 1/10 of the cold press; Can also reduce the sintering temperature, sintering time, so as to resist the grain growth, grain fine, high density and good mechanical and electrical performance of products. Without adding additives, sintering additives or forming to produce high purity of product of pottery and porcelain. The disadvantage of hot pressing sintering is a complex process and equipment, strict production control, material requirements of the die, large energy consumption, low production efficiency, high production cost. The application of graphite mould 1. Non-ferrous metal continuous casting and semi-continuous casting with graphite mould2. The compression casting mold3. The centrifugal casting with graphite mould4. Hot pressing mould5. Glass molding with mould6. Sintering moulds and other diamond sintering mold Good performance of graphite mould 1. Good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity2. Low coefficient of linear expansion of good thermal stability and resistance to heat shock3. The resistance to chemical corrosion and the majority of the metal is not easy to react4. in high temperature in most of the copper base tire body sintering temperature above 800 u00b0C) intensity increases with temperature rise5. Has the good lubrication and wear resistance6. Easy to processing, mechanical processing performance is good, can be made into complex shapes, high precision molds Graphite mold processing technology First it by tooling design personnel according to the using demand of the products (parts) and the die structure design, drawing drawings again by skilled workers, according to the drawings requirements through all kinds of mechanical processing, such as lathe, planer, milling machine, grinding machine, edm, wire cutting and other equipment) to do the mold of each parts, assembly and debugging, until to produce qualified products.Electrical discharge machining (EDM) Die in home appliances, automotive, electrical and mechanical, aerospace and other industrial fields become increasingly industrialized batch production of the main process equipment, to undertake 60% - 60% of the products in the industrial parts processing production. In recent years, high speed milling broke through the traditional milling machining hard hard, high strength, high Gao Ren mould material. But electrical discharge machining with high machining precision and surface quality, processing a wide range, especially in t
Application / Models
The graphite crucible is mainly used in smelting copper, platinum, silver, gold, Jewelry and other ferrous metals and rare (precious) metals.
Other Information
Shape and size:Machine according to customers' drawings.Material:100% graphiteProcess:Machined from high pure molded and fine grain size graphite blocks, on lathing machine, milling machine, with accurate machining. Machining tollerance: +/-0.03mm
Dongguan Jasen Graphite Product Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, enjoying convenient transportation. There are existing staff of more than 130 people. The annual sales income is over USD20 million. Our product are sold in Asia, Europe and the United States. We have many years history in the production of carbon-graphite products. We have accumulated a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience and cultivated a high-quality professional technical team. Our company has advanced production equipment, modern production management, comprehensive product testing methods, good service network and strong R&D force.

Enterprise mission: to become a reliable partner in the eyes of customers.

Business philosophy: integrity, service, innovation, excellence

Enterprise spirit: to forge ahead, and constantly go beyond

Business goals: lofty performance, process-oriented, to the world

Main products/services: graphite materials, EDM graphite materials, domestic graphite, graphite, graphite block, graphite rod, graphite powder, carbon fiber powder material, graphite machining, graphite products processing, all kinds of fine powders, superfine, supply graphite rod mill pressure graphite rod, high purity graphite / carbon graphite seal / carbon graphite and other the isostatic graphite rod, bearing / EDM graphite, graphite product, graphite bearing, self-lubricating bearing, miniature graphite product, electric meter dedicated graphite bearing, small graphite rod, high-precision graphite electrode, graphite gasket, graphite ring, EDM graphite mold, graphite slip block, graphite mold.

We produce the graphite products with high strength, thermal shock resistance, resistance to oxidation, corrosion resistance, the resistant metal solution saturated, adhesion, do not pollute the excellent characteristics of the metal solution, long service life. Therefore, domestic and international non-ferrous metals and precious metals refining, casting material of choice. The Company of such products in the domestic market share of over 60%, and exports to Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, praised by users.together. Domestic advanced level.

We adhere to the "quality first; customer first; delivery on time; affordable" approach, the responsibility to continue to meet market and customer needs, in order to form a stable cooperative relationship between the factory and the customer equality and mutual benefit, with the joint efforts of all parties,seek common development.

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