KFD-158A PMA polymethylacrylic acid engine oil additive/lubricant oil pour point depressant/lubrican

Minimum Order
1 ton
The product is packed in 200 liter metal drums (net weight: 170Kg/drum)
Within 7 days after payment
Product Description
KFD-158A is a kind of efficient methylacrylic acid high carbon alcohol ester type lubricating oil pour point depressant. Using Imported advanced fatty alcohol as well as advanced technology production, This product features fine pour point depression ability on the paraffin base and the intermediate base, low temperature performance is good. Our product have passed the Chinese oil petrochina Dalian lubricating oil research and development center and other authoritative department verification analysis, It is considered that the product quality has better performance in the domestic similar products, It has a similar pour point effect compared to LanLian T803B.
Product Feature
Good effect of reducing coagulation; Good transparency; Good shear stability, high temperature thermal stability and antioxidant capacity, can provide long-term, continuous reducing coagulation effect.
Product Specification / Models
Appearance:Colorless transparent viscous liquid

Viscosity,(100degree Celsius)m2/s:130


Flash Point,degree Celsius:150

Pour Point Depression Effec,degree Celsius:15(1)

(1: Add this product 0.5% in Dalian HVI150 base oil(pour point-14u00b11degree Celsius), pour point reduction in value.The decreased value of pour point is pour point depression effect.)
Application / Models
It is applied for refined internal combustion engine oil, hydraulic transmission oil, gear oil, special hydraulic oil, Industrial oil ect.

The recommended dosage is from 0.1% to 0.5%.
Other Information
Shenyang The Great Wall Lubricating Oil Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Name :Tammy Lu


Skype:+86 152 4243 8220

Shengyang Greatwall Lubricant Oil Co.,Ltd. , founded in 1987, is a manufacturing enterprise engaged in the production of lubrication oil, lubricating grease and lubricating oil additive. In 2006, it was moved to present address: No.4, Hangzhou West Road, Shenbei New District, Shenyang. With register capital of RMB 16 million Yuan, it has over 100 staffs currently. And it has branch plant in Tieling A-ji Industrial Park and has perfect title sales center in Shenyang Northeast Headquarter Base. In addition, we have over 20 sets of service vehicles and 3 sets of tank truck with carrying capacity of 30 tons, prepared to guarantee the supply of lubrication oil and additive.

In 1995, our company began to carry out independent research of ethylene-propylene copolymer viscosity index improvers and fumaric ester type pour point depressant. And we got great success. The products are welcomed in the market. In 2002, our RHY613, RHY614 OCP ethylene-propylene copolymer viscosity index improvers and T808 pour point depressant won the bidding of Chinese Oil and Gas Companies. And Chinese Oil and Gas Companies have pointed our company as processing enterprise of RHY613, RHY614, RHY615 ethylene-propylene copolymer OCP. Since 2009, we began to provide processing on giving materials service for it with annual processing capacity of 10,000 tons, due to advanced technology and superior quality.

In 2010, it began to research polymethacrylate series products and we successfully developed SCR-158 compound type polymethacrylate pour point depressant, SCR-168 polymethacrylate pour point depressant and SCR-178 polymethacrylate viscosity index improvers with pour-point depressing effect and SCR-261 polymethacrylate viscosity index improvers in 2012. Except superior quality,our price is lower compare to congeneric product. Our polymethacrylate series products have been listed in purchasing contents by Petrochina Lubrication Company.

In 2014, Sinopec Corp Lubricating Oil Company lists our RHY613, RHY614, RHY615 ethylene-propylene copolymer OCP and SCR-158, SCR-168, SCR-178, SCR-261 polymethacrylate series products in purchase catalog. Our company has become solid supplier of Sinopec Lubricating Oil Company.

Our GL-5 85W/90 automotive gear oil, CF-4 diesel engine oil, have been pointed as after-sales service used oil by China FAW Group. Each year, China FAW Group purchases over 10,000 tons products from us.

In addition, our company passed ISO9000 Quality Management System Authentication in 2000, currently ISO9001:2008. And we have been awarded of many honor titles, such as, Shenyang 1st Batch Grownth-type Middle and Small Size Enterprise, “Shenyang Famous Brand Product”, “Credit Enterprise” and “Shenyang Safety Quality Standardization 3rd Grade Enterprise”.

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