Kitchen shower head type

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Purpose and applications
The products above are used for kitchen faucet systems, toilet cleaners, zero-detergent washing machine softener, and other water purifying and softening devices.

Merits or strength compared to other similar domestic and overseas technologies and products
Our product is a patent-registered and environmentally friendly. It makes the washing experience easy without using any of the existing washing and kitchen detergents. It can also be used safely without producing any harmful substances in the environment or the human body. It is an innovative product that causes no environmental pollution by using the materials extracted from natural substances.

General product characteristics
Our product can be manufactured according to the characteristics of the faucet products used in bathrooms, kitchens, and overall industries. It also serves in the smooth operation of plants by preventing scaling.
In addition, it can achieve excellent washing results without having to use surfactants that can pose dangers to health, unlike other detergents on the market today. It can be used for washing machines and dish-washing in kitchens while preventing environmental pollution.
It is a functional product that is also good for the health with excellent antibiotic qualities that are not harmful to the human body. Moreover, it is environmentally safe and absorbs inorganic materials. This is a product already proven by the Institute of Health and Environment to be an environmentally friendly zero-detergent product that gives double effect for environment improvement and health promotion.

Product standard
Capacity : 550 m/(can)
Environment : No chloride treatment, No fluoridation
Flash point : 144 degrees Fahrenheit (62 degrees Celsius) -> No ignition when there is no ignition source.
Safety : Safer than volatile solvent, nonconductive to more than 25,000 V
Advantage : Washing is possible during the operation of machines.
Activity : 100%

Do not feed your beloved children with detergents anymore! ECOZONE is a manufacturer and supplier that specializes in water-related products and carries out R & D on ceramic spheres to prevent the dangers of synthetic detergents and surfactants. The products of ECOZONE include an environmentally friendly zero-pollution automatic toilet cleaning system, a zero-detergent faucet system for kitchen, and ceramic filter spheres to prevent eczema.

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