KLEAN Restaurant Ventilation Cooking Smoke Eliminator

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Product Description
KLEAN Restaurant Ventilation Cooking Smoke Eliminator:

*For large scale kitchen of restaurant,hotel,school,etc

*CE certified

1. The globally advanced electrostatic technologies, combined with our patented cylinder honeycomb filter cell, the filtration and purification of cooking smoke from restaurants or hotel kitchens can thus be most efficiently achieved.

2. Disposal efficiency can reach up to 95% based on 2 stages of filter cells applied in this Restaurant Ventilation Cooking Smoke Eliminator.

3. Galvanized filter cell, stainless steel cathode needle, stainless steel spray bar, A3 sheet cover, with outboard water tank and pump.do

4. Equipped with the PLC controlled self-cleaning program to ensure the longtime operation without manual cleaning, the cleaning cycle of our Restaurant Ventilation Cooking Smoke Eliminator can be considerably prolonged to approximately two months.(Traditional ESPs need to be cleaned once or twice every week to maintain the efficiency.)

5. With modular design, all major components can be assembled easily for operation or removed easily for maintenance and cleaning.

6. Complemented with other prominent characteristics, such as the circuit controlled self-protection and malfunction diagnosis system, the multi-choice models of running operation, the energy-saving effect, and so on, Restaurant Ventilation Cooking Smoke Eliminator is the well-rounded professional smoke eater/ air cleaner/ exhaust filter, the exact restaurants or hotel kitchens ventilation equipment you are looking for.

Certificates and Awards:

1. CE (certificate of safety conformity) granted, UL867, UL710 and IEC60335 tested, ensuring the internationally standard safety and reliability of our Restaurant Ventilation Cooking Smoke Eliminator.

2. ISO9001:2000 tested quality control system, guaranteeing that all raw materials, from the stainless steel sheets to the circuit board components, are of internationally-familiar brand, and are processed by the numerical controlling system, all the finished products are put to test and trial operation, and all the sold products are guaranteed one year free repair and lifelong maintenance.

3. Membership of our company admitted by the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association, and the Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association.

4. Status of our company verified by Guangdong Province as an Advanced and High Technology Enterprise and a Privately-run Enterprise of the Science and Technology Industry.

5. Technology Innovation Award given to the Restaurant Ventilation Cooking Smoke Eliminator in 2007 by Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association.
Product Feature
KLEAN Restaurant Ventilation Cooking Smoke Eliminator:

1. Cooking Fume Purification Efficiency: over 98%

2. Easy Operation& Maintenance

3. CE certificated
Product Specification / Models
Application / Models
For large scale kitchen of restaurant,hotel,school,etc
KLEAN is an ISO9001 Certified company established in 1992, specializing in manufacturing electrostatic precipitator (ESP) for oil mist removal which is applied to industrial enterprises, hotels and catering enterprises. KLEAN is committed toward environment which is the first company who offers the fume purification and dust removal services to commercial, residential, industrial and special application projects by using electrostatic technology.

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