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Skin is a living and dynamic organ having a life-cycle that keeps repeating a cycle from cell generation, growth to death. The process of a skin cell from generation to falling off is called TURN-OVER cycle. For normal skin, turn-over cycle is 28 days.28 Remedy Skin Care Program is a functional skin care solution that recovers the normal 28 days turn-over cycle, prevents skin troubles in advance and enhances skin improvement removing existing acne and skin troubles.

[Inner balancing effect]

By effectively maintaining internal skin oil and moisture balances, easily damageable skin without vitality recovers its natural healthy rhythm from the deepest inside.

[Revitalizing effect]

It relaxes tired skin lacking elasticity due to fatigue and stress of a day and provides ample nutrition and moisture, recovering the natural skin tone and resilience for moist and glowing skin.

[Basic skin care solution good for acne skin]

Through effective control of excessive sebum, a cause of oily skin, and supplementation of moisture and nutrition, skin turn-over cycle returns normal.

[Whitening & Anti-wrinkle effect]

'Adenosine' and 'Niacinamide' helps to tone up loose skin with radiant vitality, And 10 Times HF Complex and patented substances make the skin moist and soft.

[Radiance & Refreshing effect]

It turns dull skin into bright and radiant skin and through skin balance control especially on oily T-zone and dry U-zone, it enhances the skin vitality during night.

[Daily protective effect]

Proper oil and moisture supply keeps the skin vital and healthy all day long and protect it from environment and stress.

[Use in acne skin demonstrated in clinical trial]

28 Remedy Balancing Toner showed statistically significant (p<0.01) improvement of acne skin as assessed by dermatologist's visual evaluation using GAGS and by scanning evaluation on overall severity.

[Skin cell activation effect]

It enhances skin hydration by maintaining moisture in the strata corneum and boosts skin vitality with optimized nutrition supply

* [Aquaporin]

water channel that water molecules selectively pass through.

Activating aquaporin increase skin moisture retention.

* [Nopal Cactus Extracts (Aquaporin activation substance)]

Nopal is an edible cactus grown in semi-dry desserts of the north Mexico and southern west America (UN-designated world clean site). It (also called OPUNTIA FICUS-INDICA) is well-known for strong vitality surviving in extreme weather overcoming significant daily temperature difference from 40u00b0C to -10u00b0C. With the full of fiber and natural nutrients, Indians and Mexicans have been enjoying nopal cactus for centuries from BC65 as treatments and foods, calling it 'present from god' or 'doctor cacus'.

Recently nopal cactus is considered as a super-food since it has been known to contain over 40 phytochemicals including 18 amino acids and 14 vitamins through researches by several U.S. institutions including Arizona State College.

Nopal cactus extract activate intra-cellular water channel of the skin, called 'aquaporin', maintaining moisture balance for moist and radiant skin.

* [Patented technology]

No. 10-0910747 'Herb medicine mixture extracts having antifungal, antiacne, skin calming, moisturizing and sebum controlling activities'

* [10 natural ingredients selected by NoTS]

Main ingredients of the Top 10 healthy foods listed by New York Times provides healthy skin for you. (extracts of Tomato, Camellia Sinensis Leaf, Salicornia Herbacea, Blueberry, Oat, Spinach, Broccoli, Garlic, Grape and Walnut)

[Certification] ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 22716 / CGMP / KFDA

Korean Cosmetic NoTs

NoTS is a high-class skin care company established on the foundation of rigid and persistent research outcomes and sincere efforts of beauty experts. With natural ingredients, scientific cosmetic formula and competitive products and research technology, we offers fundamental skin care solutions by identifying and analyzing individual customers' skin concerns.

Clean and glowing skin improves your nobility.
Combination of high-quality natural substances with our patented dermatology
technologies stimulates fundamental improvement of your skin, boosting skin stability and protection ability to make you look healthier and more radiant.

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