L -arginine

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Product name : L arginine
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Type: Vitamins, Amino Acids and Coenzymes
Grade Standard: Food Grade, Medicine Grade
Product Description
Natural arginine to L-type, the product crystallized from water containing two crystal water molecules, the crystallization in ethanol is anhydrous. Because the presence of guanidine, arginine is alkaline, easy to form a salt with the acid reaction.Natural materials abound in the protamine,it is the basic components of proteins, so there is very extensive.

Function and Usage
1 nutritional supplement; flavoring agent. For adult non-essential amino acids, but the body produce slower, as the essential amino acids for infants and young children, certain detoxification. Heated reaction with sugar available special flavor. Infusion of amino acids and amino acids essential component of preparation. GB2760-2001 provides for the use of food with spices.
2. Arginine ornithine cycle is an integral component, has an extremely important physiological functions. Eat arginine, can increase the activity of liver arginase, helps the blood ammonia into urea and excreted out. Therefore, arginine for hyperammonemia, liver dysfunction and other diseases quite effective.
3. Arginine is an amino acid base pairs, for adults, although not essential amino acids, but in some cases, such as immature or organism under conditions of severe stress, the absence of arginine, the body can not maintain positive nitrogen balance and normal physiological function. Lack of arginine may lead to the patient if the ammonia is too high, and even coma. If infants with congenital lack of certain enzymes of the urea cycle, arginine it is necessary, or can not maintain its normal growth and development.
4. Arginine important metabolic function is to promote wound healing, it can promote the synthesis of collagen, it can repair the wound. Secretion of fluid in the wound can be observed the increase of arginase activity, which also shows that the wound in the vicinity of the arginine requirement substantially. Arginine can promote micro-circulation around the wound and promote wound healing as soon as possible.
5. Arginine immune function, prevent the degradation of the thymus (in particular the degradation of the injury), arginine supplementation can increase the weight of the thymus, promoting the growth of lymphocytes in the thymus. Arginine supplementation can reduce the volume of animals suffering from cancer, reduce tumor metastasis rate, and improve animal survival time and survival. In the immune system, in addition to lymphocytes, the phagocytic cells of the vitality and arginine. Added arginine, may activate the enzyme system, so that it can kill tumor cells or bacteria and other target cells.

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