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Product Description
The LaserBridge System may be used together with one or more slave device (a machine or device that are suitable to be placed under the bridge structure and that will define its cutting plane). A slave device may be one or more Embroidery Machines of any maker or model (to cut directly on the embroidery frames) and/or a fixed or motorized Cutting Table (to cut pieces of material positioned on the table) and/or an Unrolling-Rolling system (to cut materials supplied in rolls). The current range of LaserBridge consists of a single version manufactured in different lengths so that it may be adapted to any Embroidery Machine or slave device. The LaserBridge is designed to grow along with your business; thanks to an "Extension" you can, at any time, decide to increase the length of the bridge structure in order to add on further Embroidery Machines or other slave devices. The LaserBridge provides flexibility, reliability, accuracy and quality, all at a very interesting price. LaserBridge is a CO2 Laser machine equipped with a 50, 100 or 200 Watt Co2 laser source with galvanometric laser beam movement system (galvanometer laser head). This kind of laser beam movement system allows achieving very high working speed and, in consequence, high productivity of laser cutting and laser engraving.
Product Feature
- Usable with any Multihead Embroidery Machine, regardless of model or maker.

600x600mm laser cutting-laser engraving area on each head of the Multihead Embroidery Machine.

- The device is totally PC controlled by means of a supplied interface card.

- Software for laser cutting with advanced features allow making easier the work preparation and to customize the device performance.

- Laser cutting work parameters (power, speed, repetitions, etc.) independend for each shape to be cut/engraved in order to allow working several types of material on a same embroidery hoop of the Embroidery machine.

- High reliable and high-performance CO2 Laser source (air-cooled) + galvanometric head (scan head).

- External fume suction device easily connectable to any filtering system.

- Reliable heavy duty motors and controls to ensure quality for all the life of the machine.

- Extreme strong structure built to withstand the most vigorous production schedules.

- Innovative building solutions guarantee high working speed and performances beyond comparison.

- Innovative safety systems guarantee the highest safety at the workplace.
Product Specification / Models
Electrical input single-phase - 110 Vac - 220/240 Vac u00b110% - 50/60 Hz u00b12%

Absorbed power max. 5300 W

Dimensions Configurable

Weight max. 4300 Kg

Noise emission <70 dB (without fumes suction unit)

Drive motors type Brushless

Working area (LxP) up to 600x600 mm (24"x24")

Cutting plane size (LxP) defined by the slave device

Cutting plane type defined by the slave device

Fumes extraction suction hood

Fumes suction external free standing unit

Laser source type CO2 - 10.6u00b5m sealed type - RF air or liquid cooled

Laser power 50 W / 100 W / 200 W

Laser beam delivery Galvanometric scan head

Laser spot diameter 140 u00b5m

Cutting speed up to 2 m/s

Translation speed 1.7 m/s

Acceleration 2.5 m/su00b2

Resolution 5 u00b5m

User interface personal computer machine control panel external keyboard RF transmitter

Languages EN / IT / FR / GE / SP / PO

Software Focuscut III - LaserBridge Manager

Laser product class Class 1 (EN-60825-1:2003-02) - (USA-CDRH 21 CFR)

Safeties protective enclosures + laser beam stop protective laser safety scanner barrier red/orange flashers safety lateral bumpers

manufacturer of electronic systems for embroidery, embroidery software and laser cutting and engraving machines

We began in 1977 as a general electronic design and construction company. Some years later we understood that the embroidery sector was developing rapidly and was well-suited to the application of all the electronic and computing expertise that we had acquired up to that time. Until then, no Italian electronic company had believed in and invested in this sector. The immediate need was to convert the 68 mm Jacquard card into an 8 channel tape to be used with the new embroidery machines that were now being produced with the tape reader built-in. In this way the first "converting system" was born, followed soon by our first "punching system". Both types of product, designed and constructed entirely by us, were conceived using technology that was so futuristic that many of these products are still in use today.

By now the eighties had arrived and Italy did not yet have a competitor able to supply converting systems, embroidery software, card readers and punchers able to rival our products.

The widespread use of personal computers favored the large-scale extension of embroidery technology and for us this meant rewriting all the programs to make them compatible with our Customer's machines. Our first Schiffli system originated in 1984 and we decided to operate simultaneously on Schiffli Machines as well as on Multihead Machines, certainly not a simple undertaking. Thanks to our persistence we have grown rapidly and thanks to our dynamism we have been able to keep ourselves up to date technologically. The start of the nineties certainly marked the height of our efforts and investments, in particular in regard to software research and development.

In 1991 we inaugurated our new headquarters with its software and hardware research and development departments, mechanical and electronic assembly departments, sales offices, technical assistance center, shipping department and warehouse. At this point, as well as our considerable technological experience, we could also count on a logistic structure suited to trying to increase our market share even abroad. The choice was found to be a winner, and in the space of a year, 65% of our sales came from abroad and the remaining 35% from Italy.

Towards the middle of the nineties, thanks to our embroidery software we had already conquered a good slice of the world market and the trust of many embroiderers... but we wanted to offer them much more. Many Customers needed to cut the fabrics to be used (in particular applications to be embroidered) and so we decided to undertake a new venture: to apply laser technology to the textile sector. Similarly to what we have always done and still do for our products, on this occasion also we decided to achieve our objective by proceeding independently. The result of our efforts has been a series of machines for laser cutting and engraving (EuroCut, FlexiCut, JumboCut, MegaCut) specific to the textile sector but so versatile that may also be used in other sectors.

In 1999 we released the first version of Millennium III, one of the most powerful and complete embroidery packages currently available on the market, suitable for both professional use and for beginners. Furthermore, in the same year, we became the exclusive Italian distributor for Happy Embroidery machines from the Happy Industrial Corporation (Japan), one of the largest producers of embroidery machines, recognized worldwide for the quality and reliability of its products.

In 2000 we introduced to the market laser machines with videocamera, a true innovation in this sector.

In 2001 we released ProShop, the management program for embroidery businesses and we have extended Millennium III with new tools such as Autopunch and PhotoEmbroidery that allow you to convert images and photographs respectively into embroideries, @Embroidery for the creation of multimedia catalogs and the publication of WEB pages and many other innovative tools designed to speed up the wo

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