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Decoying is a time honored tradition that spans generations. Decoys together with guns and dogs are recognized as fundamental elements of all wing shooting pursuits yet decoys themselves have not changed much in over 30 years. The NRA FUD is set to change things because it has not followed the old fashion approach to decoys. By focusing on the task of decoying rather than model duck carving conventions the NRA FUD forwards a completely new approach that delivers unprecedented decoying functionality. The NRA FUD is the modern day replacement of old fashion blow-molded decoys designed to do all those things that the old fashion decoys simply cannot do.

Sure, you have heard it all before. Another decoy with some new feature or gimmick that supposedly makes it better than the decoys you currently use. Not this time. In the NRA FUD you will find no decoying myths and no unsubstantiated claims that have little or no relevance to decoying. It is the act of decoying itself that explains why the NRA FUD works and why it is a superior decoy to all other decoy styles.

By highlighting the differences between field decoys and model duck equivalents, and between hunting features and sales and marketing gimmicks, we are simply restating the basics and remembering what a decoy's job is. And by doing so we trust you will understand why the NRA FUD is different and why it will work for you. In pure hunting terms and by any decoy yardstick, the NRA FUD stands in a class of its own. It is without equal by being "game to be different".
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"Game to be Different"

These four words capture the intent and future of the NRA FUD. After years of extensive market research and product development the NRA FUD has become the best possible decoying solution by delivering the basics. The facts that stand the NRA FUD different from all other decoying products cannot be argued. They remain:

The decoy market is full of differing decoy styles such as floaters, shells, silhouettes, full-body, and motion decoys. So many styles is not a statement of decoying correctness nor of hunter preference. It simply reflects that none of the existing decoy styles can meet all hunter needs doing the full decoying job. The NRA FUD does the full decoying job replacing all existing styles by being the first and only decoy that delivers in water, on ice, on land, in motion, in transport, in UV reflection terms, and in storage.

The traditions and history of hand-carved decoys has made model ducks the dominant decoy style for decades. Decoy excellence is too often measured in the hand using decorative rules more suited to Decoy Shows in pursuit of lounge room acclaim. The act of decoying itself has lost its meaning, as has field harvest results, as has the principles that make a decoy "decoy". The NRA FUD is not a decorative decoy, nor an ornament, nor an expensive work of art. It is simply designed to fool game birds in the field to die, not hunters in the store to buy.

Blow-moulded model ducks are a poor foundation for a product most commonly used on water and under shotguns. The hunting basics must be delivered before any product can call itself a decoy and old fashion decoys that sink, that crack, that fade, that have no UV reflective qualities, and that cannot handle the elements cannot claim excellence. The fact remains that none of the failings are found in the NRA FUD.

Growing use of purpose designed feeders, tuck decoys, butt feeders, and motion decoys is an acknowledgement by both hunters and manufacturers that rig variation is necessary to minimize decoy alarm signals. The NRA FUD pushes the multi-posture variation boundaries to new limits deploying in all postures, avoiding all common decoy alarm signals, and using the wind for unprecedented movement making spread supplements redundant.

The high cost influence of hand carved decoys still remains amongst many mass-market decoy lines. The NRA FUD is a decoy with unrivalled field credentials and quality that matches the best mass-market premium magnum decoys at price points that now out-perform the worst magnums. The NRA FUD has the cost metrics to be the first ever "fair valued" premium quality three dimensional decoy ensuring that its unrivalled functionality and UV credentials gain mass market exposure.

And there are no rules prohibiting three dimensional full body decoying solutions from being fold up and collapsible. The NRA FUD's collapsible nature makes it trade compelling at � the weight and � of the SKU volume of any blow-molded model duck alternative.

The NRA FUD is both a different and disruptive technology that out-performs all existing decoy offerings.
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Lesser Canada

Product Code: LC

Shipper: Medium Box

Sold: 6 decoys/box

Bulk: 78 box/pallet

Base Stock: Black

Rigging: Goose

Status: Current Line
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Decoy Function

Any decoying discussion must be prefaced by the question "what is the decoy's job?" This is essential to understand why old fashion decoys are a compromise and why the NRA FUD is such a market disruptive product. The best explanation of decoying comes from the word itself. To "decoy" means to "lure into danger". For game bird hunting this means "to lure game birds outside of shotgun range into shotgun range", and there is no other definition that more correctly describes the art of decoying or what the decoy's task is.

Any challenge to this definition comes down to a simple question of intended purpose. If the purpose is to win at a Decoy Show, to win a carver's contest, or to look good on top of the telly, then the discussion is not about decoying. That discussion would be about model ducks or decorative ornaments, and in that field of endeavor features that cannot be seen outside of shotgun range remain irrelevant to the act of decoying. So why even consider them let alone pay more for them?

This question of purpose strikes at the very heart of what decoys have become. Everyone seems to have forgotten the task or missed the point. It is the decoy's job to fool game birds outside of shotgun range to come inside shotgun range. Not fool game birds sitting beside the hunter, nor already sitting amongst their decoys, nor sitting in their lounge room. If a hunter can limit out between the fridge and the telly then they do not need FUDs.
Decoying is a time honored tradition that spans generations. Decoys together with guns and dogs are recognized as fundamental elements of all wing shooting pursuits yet decoys themselves have not changed much in over 30 years.

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